Despite the cuts, money keeps getting poured down the Welsh language drain – Uncut 31.5.13.

Welsh Labour isn’t red, it isn’t new and it most definitely isn’t blue, it’s just plain old and totally out of date. The Welsh Labour government holds on to an exclusive reliance on the State with a stubbornness that would have made even Pyrrhus think again!

It continues to obsess on policies of devolved isolationism and ‘You don’t give….but you get, get get as much as you like and to hell with the British tax-payer!’

England owes us.

For an example of profound arrogance and a total denial of austere times where the ruling Welsh ‘elites’ are concerned, consider the following:-

A separatist Welsh language, that has had billions of tax-payers’ money thrown at it over the last 40 years, has resulted in bi-lingual signs that few understand, pyramids of bi-lingual paperwork that the overwhelming majority of Welsh folk throw straight into the bin, a Welsh Health Service smartphone ‘app’ for Welsh speakers costing £26,000 being dumped because less than a 1000 people used it, a Welsh language S4C television channel that  no-one watches (and not to mention its history of rampant management skulduggery), and a radio station (Radio Cymru) that demands £13 million pa of license fee  money, albeit that BBC Radio Cornwall receives a modest 1.3 million and yet it has higher audience figures!

NB Radio Cymru’s audience figures have now dropped to their lowest level ever (119,000 listeners per week), according to respected Radio Joint Audience Research (16.5.13).

In spite of all this, 10 years ago 40% of Welsh schoolchildren could speak Welsh, now it’s only a paltry 24%.

But here’s the best one, only last week Leighton Andrews announced a further £750,000 of tax-payers’ money for Welsh language technology and Digital Media, albeit that the NS&I are dumping their Welsh language services because only 107 customers corresponded with them in Welsh (at a cost of £900 per Welsh speaking customers!) and the BMA has just stated that the use of the Welsh language should not be a priority when delivering healthcare because it would be yet another deterrent to people coming to Wales to work and would have a ‘very adverse effect on Welsh healthcare’.

I must point out here that BBC Wales receives £167 million pa of tax-payers’ money for Welsh language broadcasting, which some might feel is fair enough. After all, in any civilised society minorities should be respected and their views always accommodated where possible, but here’s the rub, none of this money has resulted in any kind of increase in Welsh speakers, indeed the opposite obtains.

According to the last Census, the Welsh language is dying and in decline, fact.

So then, billions of European and tax-payers’ hard earned for nothing but failure and where is the scrutiny and accountability??

In Wales, no-one moves without an intravenous grant drip firmly imbedded in their arms.

Last April at the Celtic Media Festival, BBC Wales controller Rhodri Talfan Davies was heard to muse upon this tricky conundrum of loads of tax-payers’ bucks going into yet another  lost Welsh cause – and don’t forget it is mostly you folk across the border who are paying for all this dire financial and unaccountable mismanagement.

Mr Talfan Davies – son of Geraint Talfan Davies and previous controller, BBC Wales just loves keeping things in the family, Betsan Powys daughter of R Alun Evans, previous Head of BBC in North wales, Vaughan Roderick, son of Selwyn Roderick, previous BBC Wales programme maker……anyone would think that a public sector organisation was being used as a private fiefdom by a handful of Welsh establishment figures and their families? – was also of the view, and this really is worrying, that programmes on Welsh English language stations should have more Welsh language in them. More Welsh language?

Isn’t a Welsh language radio station that very few listen to and a Welsh language television station that virtually no-one watches, enough for you?

Isn’t it enough that both cost tax-payers a fortune for little if any return?

With respect Mr Davies, you are living in cloud cuckoo land and if you go down this route, be in no doubt that the impact on the Welsh language will be a disastrously negative one. Consent and persuasion are the words, not assault and battery.

As usual, the Welsh elites and self-righteous intelligentsia are up to their usual old tricks. Let’s get unsuspecting tax-payers’ money in, carve it all up amongst ourselves and throw a blinder to the Wales Audit Office – who couldn’t care less anyway, talk about a toothless pussy cat.

Believe me I know, the WAO still thinks ‘scrutiny’ and ‘accountability’ are fancy cocktails served up in some Cardiff Bay nightclub.


8 thoughts on “Despite the cuts, money keeps getting poured down the Welsh language drain – Uncut 31.5.13.

  1. Excellent – absolutely the whole truth, honestly and accurately stated by an author of unique and outstanding eloquence.

    Well done that chap !


  2. ” There is nothing wrong with nepotism as long as you keep it in the family!”

    from a comment from link below.


    Wales must be the only place in the world where they show about 400 hours of television in a week about a youth festival.

    Why don’t the Boy Scouts movement and the Girl Guides start lobbying the Senate in Cardiff Bay for their jamborees to have extensive television coverage?

    Probably because their parents don’t force them do it.

    Are the children of these parents disadvantaged?

  3. Jon Snow, Dan snow, richard dimbleby, jonathon and david, the royal family, nicholas soames, winston churchill, peter mandelson, herbert morrison, kingsley amis & martin, peter hall , goldsmith snr and jnr, rebecca hall, alan corren and offspring, and the list goes on its the same wherever you go Julian and no different here. Open your eyes to the bigger picture

    • Dear Gaynor,

      The difference being that license fee payers know about London broadcasters etc. They haven’t known what goes on at BBC ap Wales however – until now, that is. And as far as I know, none of their books are paid for by the tax-payer, do please correct me if I am wrong; further, as far as I am aware not one Director- General has had his life story subsidised by the tax-payer either, note Geraint Talfan Davies’ ‘At Arms Length’, all 179 copies sold in four years, not quite up to Mandleson, Amis, Snow etc etc is it?

      Have a read of my ‘Uncut’ Letters and do feel free to voice your views to a broader, less parochial and ‘bigger’ audience.

      Best wishes,


    • precisely, all sectors and most levels of British (that means Public School to Oxbridge, London and the Home Counties based, holiday home in Provence or Tuscany, connections with the City or Lloyds, links to media, judiciary, police, politicians) are riddled with “It ain’t what you know its WHO you know! That is the whole reason why the UK has been mismanaged into a third world economy and society.

  4. Good article, addressing all the salient points.

    It highlights devolution in the pricipality for the British tax-payer and the peoples of Wales.

    I am trying something in the “first person” now, but I will look out for more “Letter from Wales.”

    all the best

    Mr Origami

    • Dear Mr Origami,

      I have left a message for you on Uncut re Abell.

      The fellow is quite obviously disturbed, so please refrain from enagaging with him. He uses multible fake email addresses eg Dave, Dave Rodway, Welshnot, Ben Orange…….. and has been exercising his ridiculous delusions for quite a while now.

      Like the rest of the Trolls, he’s nothing. Ignore him.


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