My views on Welsh nationalism have hit the news website of Infidel Patriot  – whatever next! An odd internet platform I must admit, particularly as my post condemns ‘nationalism’?

Wales really is going global!



8 thoughts on “!

    • As I said, ‘Whatever next?’. I can hardly control what is picked up on the internet, can you? There is of course freedom of expression, albeit that minority libertarians might not appreciate this bulwark of democratic endeavour.


      • The labour uncut article seems to be successful in promting responses and opening out a debate.

        The New Welsh Review magazine seems interesting. New Welsh Review has been central to the Welsh literary scene for over twenty years. Its focus is on Welsh writing in English. (Don’t know if there is a pun in it’s focus desciption?)

        The magazine is published quarterly in Aberystwyth with core financial support from the Welsh Books Council. In addition, it receives sponsorship from Aberystwyth University, the University of Glamorgan, and Cardiff University.

        The present editor is Gwen davies. Gwen Davies is a Welsh editor and translator.

        Davies is the youngest of four children in a Welsh-speaking family, she was raised in Otley, West Yorkshire, England. Her parents were linguists, her father a published Welsh-language poet.

        Davies’ began her first job in 1985 as a writer/editorial assistant on Planet magazine. She later managed the Welsh-language children’s publisher, Cymdeithas Lyfrau Ceredigion, before becoming Literature Officer of the Arts Council of Wales in 1995.

        She was Parthian Books’ original Fiction Editor, working notable titles including Rachel Trezise’s Fresh Apples, which won the Dylan Thomas Prize. Davies was also editor of Alcemi Books, the literary fiction imprint of Y Lolfa. Davies became the new editor of the New Welsh Review in 2011, bringing a fresh look to the magazine which includes illustrations by Jamie Hamley.

        She lives in Aberystwyth with her husband and teenage son and daughter

        Maybe you could try and get an article published in this magazine?

      • I wonder if the New Welsh Review will tell us what their circulation figures are? They are tax-payey funded after all.

        I’ll look into it.

        Thank you, Mr Origami.


      • I have emailed Gwen Davies of the New Welsh Review, courteously requesting the magazine’s sales/circulation figures – the magazine is publicly funded, so I hope co-operation will be the order of the day.

        This data will I believe, be of relevance where the present debate in ‘Uncut’ is concerned, it will also ensure balance.

        Thank you again,


        PS Somehow, I’m not too sure that they would be interested in publishing anything I might write, but one never knows. I am a ‘literary Philistine’ after all!

  1. You don’t mean!…………. “A Welsh language nationalism has been allowed to run riot and ruthlessly suppress the moderate views of an emasculated majority.”

    Surely not!

    How could I have missed it?………….

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