The hunting-dogs of Nationalism…..

You will be aware of Nigel Farage’s recent encounter with the ‘fascist scum’ of extreme nationalism in Scotland. He was shouted down and personally abused by those who simply disagreed with his point of view.

Mature and sensible debate was hijacked by the venom of those, of a more intemperate persuasion, who seek an unrealistic departure from the United Kingdom.

I know how he must feel.

When I tried to give a talk in Cardiff at the end of last year, the same thing happened to me.

I was insulted, shouted at and obliged to curtail the full import of my reasoned argument. Freedom of speech was for the Taffy birds.

Nationalists do not like being challenged, ‘nationalism’ itself has a grim track-record when looked at through the annals of history. It can be deadly and ruthless.

Some Welsh nationalists are no different from their extreme Scottish counter-parts, albeit that they have a damn sight less to shout and scream about.

I encounter on a daily basis, their personal attacks, dirty tricks etc etc. Look at the comments section in Labour-Uncut for the responses to my article published yesterday? As if this isn’t enough, the nationalist agenda in Wales, I would argue, has provided fertile ground for a growing, if not endemic, hatred for the English. There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t hear or see something to support this view.

Only last week, some English friends of mine were concerned about the reception their daughters might receive at a Welsh University. I believe they have decided to not take the risk.


All you right-thinking moderate Welsh people out there, the majority of Welsh folk it must be said, be warned.

If you don’t stand up and stop the nationalist Welsh language minority push for more powers at that leisure centre in Cardiff Bay, then be it on your heads. And just remember that Carwyn the Druid is now trying to set up his very own  ‘Welsh’ police force.

God help us all, if he gets his own way. Freedom of speech and democratic principle is already under attack in Wales, imagine what would happen if Carwyn’s Peelers were around to enforce this vicious nationalist Welsh-speaking agenda???

Think about it. Please think.


PS Have you noticed how both ITV and the BBC have recently inserted ‘Cymru’ before the ‘Wales’ word on their broadcasting fluff? The minority of Welsh speakers in Wales, should always be respected and their views accommodated, within reason, but they should not be allowed to rule the majority consensus.



5 thoughts on “The hunting-dogs of Nationalism…..

  1. Maybe they are slapping Cymru before Wales on our English broadcasting sites is because they can’t get the English speakers to watch the Cymreig brodcasting sites. Mind you it is hard to get Cymreig speakers to watch them. Just a bit of frustration perhaps? or desperation ? It’s happening elsewhere too – Ramblers Cymru, Ballet Cymru, Mind Cymru e.t.c. They drop the Wales though? Perhaps they realise that the interest in Cymreig is diminishing.

    They will probably drop the Wales after a while, becoming ITV Cymru and BBC Cymru.

    I really don’t know……… Why not write a letter to Meri Huws – probably it’s got something to do with her.

    I think nationalism is much weaker in Wales because it is centred around language. The language element being a minority in Wales so we really shouldn’t see the extremes of hatred as exhibited by the Scot Nationalists.

    The nationalists in Wales know they cannot live in the real world of economics.

    Even if the majority of the people in Wales are apathetic to whats going on with the Assembly gravy train they will never vote in a bunch of nasty nationalists like what’s happened inScotland.

    Realistically(and it maybe denied) the people of Wales have a good mixture of Welsh and English blood unlike the Scots in the North.

    Let’s be honest…….even the Romans couldn’t be bothered.

    The Scots are pure Highland people!………I will leave it at that and move quickly away fron Sectarianism.

    • You are correct of course, but it doesn’t stop the Gnats trying to get their own way and bringing Wales into disrepute. As for extremes of hatred, try sitting at my desk for a day!

      Talk to anyone, national newspaper journalists,individuals, lobbyists etc and they will confirm what happens to someone in Wales when they stand up and contest the Welsh language delusion.

      Many people in Wales are too frightened to speak out, fact.

      Fortunately, I am not.


  2. Dear Julian
    Your piece on Labour Uncut is inaccurate, since the examples you cite are published in English. You fail to declare your own interest, namely that you were rejected by Seren in 2009. You lied about having an agent and you plagiarised Hitchens.
    The events in the Chapter you refer to have nothing to do with Welsh nationalism – I recall that most of the people there were either English or foreign and still thought you were full of shit , ranting at publishers because they rejected your crappy novels.
    As for the people who have ‘attacked’ you, I notice that people like David Hewson and others are in fact best-selling English novelists who just think you’re a spiteful turd of a man – nothing to do with the Welsh, old boy.
    Your own track record is that of a liar and minority-bashing bigot, and one who also reviews his own books on amazon and makes his own wikipedia entry..
    I’ve seen your comments about Welsh-speakers (I am not one myself), and they are pure ignorant bigotry. I’ve also seen the abuse to which you subject the English language and it chilling.
    You are a bilious exhibitionist driven by failure and envy, and you also censor your blog ruthlessly. So much for freedom of speech.
    You wasted taxpayers money on getting the police to investigate the humorous ribbing you claimed was ‘harassment’ (which you couldn’t spell, and when the police saw there was no case to answer you attacked them.
    Where does the bully run to when he’s run out of road? Where does the liar hide when he’s run out of lies?
    Tell us Julian, pray tell us.

    • I thought I would post this one, just for you all to note the low-grade level of debate in Wales – it is of course one of many this blog receives.

      And what was I saying about Farage?

      This particular post amuses if nothing else!


      PS ‘Turd’ is a new one, and I thought they just wanted to throw them at my windows!

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