Westminster gets a ‘Letter’!

Read my first ‘Letter’ from Wales’ at www.labour-uncut.co.uk ………and enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Westminster gets a ‘Letter’!

  1. A well written article and without a responce from Punctuation Police Cymru – you are to be admired.

    It was very kind of Mr Williams and Mr Poll to highlight the persecution of people in Wales who stand up and speak the truth.

    • You have to laugh, they keep trying with their Dai Potter fairy-tales, bless them. No doubt my spelling of Owen Glyndower will result in yet another druidical Taffy Taliban fatwa landing on my doorstep!

      Must call in to Ede & Ravenscroft,when I’m in London at the end of the month. Get myself togged out with some blue robes and head gear, I rather fancy myself as Ruck the Druid – maybe not, I don’t want to be accused of being a cross-dresser do I? The missus gets mad enough when I’m Julie on Sundays!


      • If they turn up at your doorstep with a fatwa, point out you that you don’t complain when they call London, “Llundain”.

        They would be pretty hypocritical to call a fatwa on this issue surely!

        Also, isn’t 3 cliffs bay in the Gower?

        A Cymro would say Gywr.

        So Glendower is perfectly acceptable.

        keep tapping at the keys

        best wishes

        Mr Origami

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