‘Only a Cxxx wouldn’t visit Wales!’

Well, this blog post by the deputy leader of the Wales Green Party Chris Were, has given me the best laugh for a long time. The spoof tourism poster upon which these scurrilous words were written, also included ‘We’ve got fxxxxxx dragons……and loads of sheep too!’


Needless to say, the humorless Taffy Taliban have been jumping up and down with righteous indignation. Mustn’t take the wee wee out of the Welsh must we? Mustn’t exercise satirical antagonism must we, it’s far too subtle for the druidical TaffMaf after all? Mustn’t, mustn’t mustn’t………….

I just have to write a ‘Letter from Wales’ about this, irresistible. No doubt Westminster will have a good laugh too!

Good on you Chris, freedom of speech is everything, and humour……even in Wales. And to all you Taffy Taliban killjoys, get a life beyond your  insecure and inferiority-complexed caves will you?!


PS I’ve just caught a picture of our Carwyn looking like a blued-up version of the late Archbishop Makarios of the Cypriot Orthodox Church. Apparently, he’s thinking of changing his name to the druidical Supio Iolo Makio too, blue robes and all. Imagine if he walked into Parliament dressed up like some extra on an Aida set – hardly wearing a baseball cap is he? Unbelievable.  Chris Were’s adept use of colourful Anglo-Saxon immediately springs to mind here.

And the Welsh ‘government’ wants to be taken seriously? Give me strength!

PS My first ‘Letter from Wales’ to appear in www.labour-uncut.co.uk on Thursday or shortly thereafter, I believe.

One thought on “‘Only a Cxxx wouldn’t visit Wales!’

  1. I wonder what the Archdruid thinks about it! Has he made a comment yet?

    Apparently Owain ap Arddedig was right the druids did lobby for the flag to be accepted. These druids seem to exert a lot of power,maybe the Welsh Government is only a front for these folk? There is a glut of translators in Wales, maybe the meetings of the druids could be translated and put in the public domain, we are handing out money for these people so the Welsh public have a right to know what they are saying?

    I think Chris Were will be OK, they haven’ t passed a the heresy law yet.

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