Friendship – Column 24.4.13

A programme on the radio caught my ear the other day. It was about friendship. We do indeed live in strange times. The quick-fire fraud of an internet Wild West, seems to be leading many down a delusional path of meaningful popularity and even God forbid – love. I have actually heard one Radio 4 commentator enthuse about the depth and nobility of ‘virtual’ love. In other words, one doesn’t have to physically meet one’s soul mate but one can ‘love’ just as well through a computer screen – makes one wonder how on earth such an affair can get up to any hanky-panky though, doesn’t it just!

These days there are those, Facebook and Twitter aficionados for example, who honestly believe that it is a testimony to their likeability, when they have 100’s if not thousands of ‘friends’ and ‘followers’. I jest not.

The modern world really has gone bonkers.

It is true friendship that has won wars, not on-line farce. Combat soldiers fight to the death for their mates, not Queen and country. True friendship comes from shared experiences, from trial and tribulation shared together as one. From the hurly-burly of school days, into adulthood and beyond. And lastly, from the sacrifices that one is prepared to make for a pal.

We have a generation of young ‘uns, who meander through life, texting the depth and the analysis of their feelings to other key-tapping obsessives. Put them in front of a human being and all they can do is grunt, lip-drop and wonder who the hell you are. What! A human being, and a talking human being at that!

The internet is already rated the most deadly threat to world peace. Nuclear warheads? Old hat. It is now Cyber Warfare that can bring a country to its knees. Apart from this, what will happen when energy supplies dry up?

There are only two things that will allow the human race to survive, and guess what they are? Real physical love and real physical friendship that’s what.

Facebook, Twitter? Get out of here! I know who my true friends are. Do you? And I can count them on one hand.



3 thoughts on “Friendship – Column 24.4.13

  1. Hello, it’s Owain! I really can’t be bothered but as I am the only dissident in this village, I’ve just got to say……..

    I am sick of all the rubbish being spoken down the pub. I am sick of the old propaganda they endlessly harp on about. A few more pints and they go on about how the steel was stolen and how the coal mines were taken off us. A few more pints and they go on about “if only we had more powers in the Assembly” – the words “brewery” and piss-up” come into my mind.

    What is the Welsh Labour Party anthem? – “the working class can kiss my arse I’ve got a job in the Assembly at last”.(sung to the tune of Tannenbaum of course ).

    If the Welsh Labour Party have their way with more powers they will drop the red dragon for a hammer and sickle. Maybe not now because the leader of the Welsh Labour Party has joined the Druids. I read somewhere that the Gorsedd of the Bards had urged for the present flag to be used as the emblem for Wales in 1959. Interesting that, could have had a phone in type of referendum on the telly or something. They did have tellies and phones in those days didn’t they? Having some kind of democratic vote on the flag for the principality would have been nice though. Why the dragon you might ask? Apparently it was taken from the Romans – I think that was some time before 1959 though.

    There was a singer can’t remember her name now, blond bird she was……god what’s her name…..she said some thing really profound that stuck in my mind. …”History is a mystery”.
    It is though, Evan Jenkins is the oldest person in the village, a hundred and two he is and he says he can’t remember any Romans ever coming to the village. Megan the barmaid thinks it’s all a conspiracy theory, she believes that all those Roman buildings were built by the Freemasons. While we are all in wonderment about these structures and all these ancient people the Freemasons have a hidden political agenda. She says they are conspiring to bring about a new world order. Megan is strange though and you can’t believe all that she says.

    Anyway keep the blogwebbing up and don’t forget – free speech is better than free parking or free prescriptions.

    Well I’m off down the pub now for a shandy and a bit of gossip.

    Oh yes!….I remember now…….her name was Toyota Wilcox.

    All the best


    PS Megan told me a quote about friendship, it went something like this…….

    “One good reason to only have a small circle of friends is that three out of four murders are committed by people who know the victim.”

    • On form Owain, I note! My ‘Letters from Wales’ mean that your views will finally be heard by those who matter ie non-Druid types and people who really do hold the purse strings. You know it really is remarkable, how much of a backwater Wales has become since devolution. The rest of the UK just isn’t interested in Wales anymore – full stop.


      PS I do a lot of book signings in England and believe me, the rest of country is getting a trifle concerned at the growing anti-English stance in Wales – and Carwyn the Druid can’t understand why no-one will come here to work?!

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