The Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club was extremely welcoming the other evening, when I followed up their kind invitation to give a talk.

The gentlemen listened to what I had to say with both courtesy and respect.

The thrust of my talk concerned the dependency culture that is wrecking Wales on a grand scale and the impotence of the silenced majority.

Judging from the lively and frank  questions and answers that followed my talk, I can only conclude that the majority of both Welsh and English-speaking people who work and live in Wales, have had enough.

They are disillusioned and sickened with the post-devolution settlement and want political change. Fast.

They want ruthless accountability and scutiny of that leisure centre in Cardiff Bay, they want maturity, they want statesman and they want respect for the Welsh nation.

Some (in fact many) even suggested that I run at the next election! – now that really is a thought and it’s not the first time I’ve heard it over recent months.

God forbid!



5 thoughts on “The Rotary Club.

  1. What you say is true.The dependency culture is wrecking Wales on a grand scale. Wales now being dependent on the incompetant wasters that represent the Assembly – an ever burgeoning bureacracy that Wales cannot afford.

    What is Welsh political philosophy? – “the Welsh socialist trickle down theory”……??? Can a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats in the Assembly stimulate the Welsh economy? Has the perpetual motion machine been invented? Is there some mad Welsh inventor that has had a eureka moment in a garden shed in a surburb outside Cardiff?

    Bloody hell!…..just on the news!

    REUTERS; “A Welsh inventor has claimed he has built the worlds first perpetual motion machine. The First Minister is now diverting funds from the art council of Wales to finance an assembly plant on the outskirts of Brigend South Wales.”

    Oh yeah!…you should give it a thought………….Welsh politics needs something – change we deperately need.

  2. And the Welsh Secretary stated recently that Wales was in danger of becoming a Third World country due to the incompetence of ministers such as Edwina Hart and her ‘enterprise’ fiascoes and the toothess assembly we have to govern us.

  3. In my opinion the English speakers in Wales should set up their own Eisteddfod. Perhaps a tent share could be arranged to save costs? So why not give it a go! By the way, there’s even one in Guernsey.

    Let the brothers and sisters of the Anglo and Cymru communities live harmoniously in Wales.- are we not all children of God. Did we all not venture out of Africa to these Northern lands. We have a rich diversity of cultures and languages in Wales. Let us forget the past and move on,let us rise above tribalism.Let us unite our tribes under the banner of our goddess Britannia. I do believe we can all put our petty differences away and pull together for the greater good of the peoples on this island of Great Britain. Ultimately we are one island and one nation – divided we will fall. .

    Let us now recite together the words of Iolo Morganwg.

    Grant, O God, Thy protection;
    And in protection, strength;
    And in strength, understanding;
    And in understanding, knowledge;
    And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice;
    And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it;
    And in that love, the love of all existences;
    And in the love of all existences, the love of God.

    God and all goodness.

    PS….by the way, I didn’t vote Labour……………..

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