Rhododendrons and Potash – Column 20.3.13

Many years ago as a small child, I have vivid memories of my father’s keenness for the beauty and scent of the woody rhododendron plant. In various spots around the world, he would wax lyrical about their mystery, their colourful demands for attention – the fact that his fag smoke probably irritated the hell out them never seemed to bother him; he was a bit like that, you know the ‘damn your eyes type’, come to think of it that’s probably where I get it from!

Well, apart from his insightful regard for all things ‘natural’, he was also a learned chap in respect of world religions. He knew his Bible, he knew his Koran and he knew just about everything else in between when it came to Godly endeavour, he also knew a lot of stuff that wasn’t at all ‘Godly’ but we won’t go into that here.

Anyway not so long ago, he decided to say a somewhat irreverent ‘Goodbye’ to his offspring and hand in his dinner cards once and for all. Piety was not his thing you see, in spite of all his theological knowledge. A quick budget funeral, no frills and certainly no tears were his final orders and that’s exactly what he got – damn though, these eco coffins cost more than the wooden jobs, this came as a shock I can tell you!

So, off he went in all his learned glory, to that place we all hope to end up but are never able to send a text or an email to confirm our happy arrival.

A few weeks later, the missus barged into my study (as she is wont to do, regardless of violating my creative well-being) with a puzzled look on her lovely face and the words, ‘Julian, what’s all that potash doing around my favourite rhododendron bush?! There’s too much, you’ll kill it off. I mean really!’

To which I replied,‘ My darling, do not fret. That’s my old man, you know how he loved rhododendrons.’

As for the container of my late father’s ashes, that went for re-cycling, again as ordered.

4 thoughts on “Rhododendrons and Potash – Column 20.3.13

  1. I asked some German friends to check out the Julian F**k site,their response being – ” is this an example of state sponsored psychological terrorism in Wales?” Apparently the F**k site exhibits all the classic hallmarks of Staisi Zersetjung techniques. Zersetjung translates to the annihilation of the inner self. The techniques basically target an individual through anonymous means,maing compromising situations for them by creating confusion over the facts and engendering of hysterical and depressive behaviour in the target person.

    I know you don’t bother anymore looking at the F**k site but the last post actually offered you a confession to sign. ( we have ways to make you talk and sign the confession! – just sign and we will take away the bright light )

    Anyone interested in Zersetjung techniques in Wales, please go to the F**k site – an example par excellence!

    Indeed the internet is “an uncaged beast”- but a window on the world too.

    You could also click on, ” I am the only dissident in the village. com ”

    I must confess, Wales comedic value rises daily!

    Keep tapping at the keys and rise above it all.

    best wishes

    Mr Origami

    • You’re right about Wales becoming more and more of an amusing diversion for the real world, Mr Origami. Only last Friday I was speaking with some London publisher’s, who find the whole ‘Hate Ruck’ fiasco, titillating in the extreme. They have actually done my media and author’s profile a great deal of good.

      Sadly though and on a more serious note, these people really do make Wales a laughing stock where the rest of the country is concerned – and as if Welsh politicos are not supreme masters at this! And I know believe me, my professional life is spent mostly dealing with matters non-Welsh.

      It is such a pity, because right now Wales needs all the help it can get.


      • PS And as for the site you refer to Mr Origami, no serious individual is taking any notice of it, so I suggest you do the same. It is merely an exercise in obsessive juvenile idiocy and unworthy of your time.


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