Watch out, the feminists are about! – Column 17.4.13

I was recently reading some news article about how to save money in these harsh cost-cutting times.

The author, the female of the species I must point out and no doubt one of those ‘Muzz’ types, constantly included feminist and of course safety play words into her piece eg ‘it’s a fair exchange, I do the washing and ironing and ‘hubby’ does the DIY’ (these feminist types always have to score points don’t they?). Well now, God forbid that she should do some laundering without some kind of pay-pack from the husband. Can’t have that now can we? Equality of the sexes and all that tosh. For the record, my wife and I are indeed equal, she’s just more equal than me most of the time.

The article immediately reminded me of my own domestic situation. I do all the washing and ironing, the cleaning, the washing-up……and fat chance I have of the missus doing anything in return, the only DIY she knows is swigging from a bottle of red wine! In fact, she’s the only woman I know who has corns on her bum from sitting down all day trying to work out how best to wind me up – not really, but you get my point. Come to think of it, I’d better not leave this particular edition of the Star lying around, she’ll stop giving me my pocket money or something, that’s after she’s given me 50 shades of retribution!

And as for who does the shopping, don’t ask. The other day I asked the missus, very politely I must stress, to pick up a yard brush from B&Q. You know, the back yard needs constant brushing what with two dogs and so on. What does she come back with? A brush with a three foot head on it! I’m serious.

That’s what a lack of shopping experience does for you, mind you she’s a true adept when it comes to TK Maxx and women’s clothes shops generally. And as for the hairdresser’s – what on earth do women do in there?

The last time my wife came out of one, I nearly asked her for a date!



5 thoughts on “Watch out, the feminists are about! – Column 17.4.13

  1. Historically, women in Wales have been disadvantaged because of the traditional heavy industries. The dark satanic mills of the North gave women a chance to earn money and get out of the grind of the kitchen – the work being hard in both cases but at least they had a choice. (Probably still had to do the housework though after A hard day at mill )

    How times have changed, kitchens full of time and labour saving technologies (not including the husband ) the new bright satanic mills of the digital age where women are better suited for the work than the men. Even the Birgitte Nyborg wannabe Valley Girl Leanne Wood is now the leader of the third biggest political party in Wales and is doing her own version of spice girls and strutting her stuff in the Castell with her personal brand of national socialism. What is this association with the Scandinavians and Teutons? Maybe Ms Wood is getting in touch with here ancestors – the English came into the valleys in droves in the industrial era. Actually the name Wood is first found in Leicester, where they held land in Thorpe Arnold, under the Earl of Leicester – they were descended from Ernald de Vosco a Norman Knight who came to Britain in 1066 ( according to House of names .com). She has my admiration – she could have changed her name to Leanne Coed. Lets all be proud, and celebrate the diversity of the Welsh people. Good luck to here.

    Lets not forget Kirsty Williams, the first female leader of any of the main Welsh political parties. A Llanelli girl, now the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. What does Kirsty say in her manifesto? “Labour-Plaid administration has turned waste and incompetence into an art form.” Three cheers for Kirsty for speaking the truth! Perhaps Kirsty could be on the judging panel of the Creative Wales Awards!…………….lets nominate the Labour- Plaid administration for the Turner Prize………why not be really ambitious! I like the WLD motto too…..”Wales can do better” a feet on the ground philosophy, lets get real, we are not the best, we will never be the best but there is room for improvement. Prioritise the finances and stop dreaming……………….

    While most Welshmen’s passion is for the great match against the English in the six nations rugby extravaganza, women passions are for the present modern Wales. Women are not interested in some myth set in muddy battlefield in the hazy past, they are interested in the battle for a decent health and education service in Wales (and the battle of the sexes of course – all is fair in love and war!- the real old enemy!) We were told that if we had an assembly we could make the Welsh NHS the showcase health service for the rest of the world to admire. We now know the people of Wales were conned, the nationalist gravy train is sucking the life blood out of our health and education service. Wales is becoming a laughing stock of Britain and the people in Wales are becoming anaemic zombies in need of a blood transfusion.

    Perversely, to reverse the state that we are now in, we need to laugh at ourselves and the mess we have got ourselves into. Where are the male comedians of Wales, the bright intellectuals who have the ability to highlight this farcical pantomime. There is so much material out there – all going to waste.

    If the men can’t do it, now is the time for women to stand up!

    Freedom of speech and humour that should be forefront in any manifesto…..the laughing party will always get my vote.

    I will keep a watch out…………………..for these feminists that are about.

    PS…..Please note, I don’t condone Lesbians Running Loose, the militant feminist lesbian group defacing the mural of Polly Garter on the wall of the Dylan Thomas Theatre. “Hey girls! Develop a stand up act and play inside the theatre.”

    • Well now Julian what a warm feeling I have inside reading your words of support for Leanne and Kirsty. I have had the pleasure of meeting both and was struck by their eloquence, intellect and genuine commitment to change for the better in Wales.
      I was also disgusted that Polly Garter was defaced – Polly Garter is one of the strongest female characters to have been penned by a Welsh writer. She is a sad character, is used by men and shunned by women but she is also a survivor, a passionate lover of life and a dedicated Mother. She hides behind no false piety and is what she is. I’d love to play her. It was also an insult to the actress whose face appears on the mural who is a role model for young women if ever I saw one – having juggled Motherhood, a career and tirelessly dedicated herself to the Dylan Thomas Theatre and Swansea Little Theatre. The artist who painted the mural was also a woman whose strength, talent and drive would make her a woman to look up to not one whose work should be vandalised.
      Credit where credit is due Mr Ruck. I agree with you on this one. Put it in your diary Julian m’dear… it may not happen again. ;o)

      • Well, I’ve been used and shunned by women all my life PT, no big deal. As for the eloquence and intellect of those Taffy doyennes at that Leisure Centre in Cardiff Bay, Jesus there really is hope for me yet!


  2. Eloquence and intellect?

    Could you seriously ever imagine the day when when Leanne Wood became First Minister. Could you imagine Leanne Wood welcoming the Queen of Denmark to the Assembly?

    “Come in Mrs Copenhagen, take a pew love, on holiday is it?”

    Leanne Wood has had a great make-over and her acting lessons are coming on well.

    Eloquence and intellect?

    Like Birgitte Nyborg, I would want the best person for the job……somebody with at least a small amont of diplomacy,eloquence and intellect………..

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