So, there you have it……..

Since August last year and my most recent invitation (see below), since all the national and local  television,radio and Press exposure of the tax-payer and the Welsh literati, since 50 odd thousand views on this blog, NOT ONE legitimate individual, NOT ONE Welsh writer or poet and NOT ONE Welsh publisher has come out to challenge me on the facts I put into the public domain or join me in any kind of meaningful and constructive debate – in spite of direct and numerous invitations to do so.

Correction, the ex- National Poet of Wales Gwyneth Lewis tried in the Guardian, rather unwisely it must be said, and was roundly humiliated .The Guardian had to retract and correct parts of her outburst  and personal attack on me , lest a libel suit be initiated. Lewis  was lucky, but let this be a salutary lesson to anyone else in the Welsh literati who is thinking of going public with fanciful claims of credibility.

(There was also  the Western Mail’s very own Carolyn Hitt the Hack’s remarkably puerile personal attack, where she somewhat conveniently omitted to mention – like Gwyneth Lewis – that her own literary efforts, a book about Welsh rugby no less, had been paid for by the tax-payer! Of course the Western Mail editor, refused outright to afford me any right of reply, so much for impartiality.) 

To date, NO-ONE has been prepared to meet me in a public forum and enter into a proper debate.

All they have is dirty tricks,anonymous  hatred, anonymous and laughable attempts to discredit me personally and my reputation and anonymous barrages of cheap and spiteful bile.

Well, I still write for magazines and newspapers, I still speak on broadcast media, my books still sell, I still do national book signing tours and I still do public speaking engagements.

So much for all your poison, you poison only yourselves.



NB Mr Richard Huw Morgan (producer and co-host of ‘Pitch’) of Radio Cardiff, has kindly offered his services as an impartial mediator in a debate on the issues raised on this blog ie state subsidy for English language Welsh writers and publishers.

Now is your chance, particularly Mrs Penn-Thomas and acclaimed author Mr Ramsey Campbell (I’m sure the radio station can arrange a telephonic contribution to avoid any undue inconvenience?). You have both expressed an admirable passion for tax-payer support re Welsh writing etc both on this blog and others, so do please consider my cordial invitation and accept it with the sincerity in which it is given.

Please come through my website with contact details, this will ensure privacy.