Now it’s malicious interference of the Julian Ruck Wikipedia page……..

The unwise and puerile antics of ex-National Poet of Wales, Gwyneth Lewis and her publisher, tax-payer funded Seren Books (see blog post 9th January 2013), neither of whom had been mentioned on the Wiki page, had died a natural death.

Malicious entries along with highlights of the Guardian farce on the Julian Ruck Wiki page, have merely reinvigorated the debate re Welsh arts and the taxpayer.

Had you left well alone, no  doubt the Welsh literati would have gone on their merry way and been forgotten about, I know I have more important things to  spend my time on. But no, you have to continue with your ‘Hate Ruck Comedy’ which now of course, has back-fired.

Silly people, you will never learn will you?


36 thoughts on “Now it’s malicious interference of the Julian Ruck Wikipedia page……..

  1. With all respect, do you not think the police have better things to do than to investigate an editing disagreement on a Wikipedia page? After all, you frequently criticise what you see as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

    • I’ll tell you what Campbell, I don’t go around personally abusing and insulting people, I don’t set up fake blog and Twitter accounts in other peoples’ names, I don’t write insulting revenge reviews on Amazon, I don’t send fake emails pretending to be a thirteen year old boy asking for a ‘meet’,I don’t send out fake intern applications, I don’t threaten to throw dog shit at peoples’ homes and I don’t make malicious and false entries and deletions on other people’s Wikipedia pages. Neither indeed, do I cause considerable distress to the families of others by behaving like a demented thug.

      Now all this might be just dandy in your lexicon of civilised conduct, but it isn’t in mine. Call yourself an author? A gentleman you are certainly not – but then to be fair, I’ve encountered very few in the smug and heady echelons of the Welsh literati, most of them look as if they’ve spent the night in a skip.

      You should be ashamed of yourself for condoning the above both in previous comments and on other blogs – and I thought lawyers were a pretty rum lot, you people in the arts world make them look like bloody amateurs.

      Now do go away and don’t bother me again.

      PS And please stop using different email accounts to access my blog.

  2. Julian, I’m simply baffled by this. I assume that you’re talking about me, as I’m in Swansea and I edited your Wikipedia page earlier today, in an attempt to improve its encyclopaedic tone and achieve the neutral point of view which all Wikipedia articles are asked to strive for. I’m at a loss as to how this could possibly constitute harassment. Could you maybe explain?

    If you wish to name and shame me, well this is my name, and you now have my email address. Do feel free to pass that information on to the police too, naturally, but as the initial commenter pointed out, a disagreement over the content of a Wikipedia article doth not harassment make. I felt that much of the recent online criticism of you was bordering on cruel, but Wikipedia articles are built on consensus, and I hope that one can be reached soon.

    • Rhys,

      The changes made to my Wikipedia page have been neither fair nor balanced. Referenced and cited facts have been deleted and replaced with uncited and unreferenced comment. Now, this may be down to you or someone else (that’s for the police to decide), but the facts remain that:-

      1 I was with Andrew Nurnberg’s London Literay Agents for five years, they also represent Jackie Collins, Maeve Binchy(the late),Tariq Ali etc etc Why on earth would you want to remove this? Again,why also would you want to remove the fact that thousands of my books have been sold in Wales alone?

      2 You chose to put the Guardian article up on my Wiki page, however you conveniently omitted to cite the true facts ie The Guardian had to retract (within five hours flat of publication) some of Lewis’ comments as she implied I was lying and they had no desire to enter into civil proceedings for libel. My data (from Nielsens) stacked up, hers didn’t(internal figures from her tax-payer funded Welsh publisher Seren, no verifiable evidence provided).

      3 The Guardian had no choice but to change the previous text of Lewis’s ‘true sales figures’ to ‘the publisher’s figures’ – fact. Why have you deleted this?

      4 The Guardian also had to withdraw her comment ‘So much for the quality of Ruck’s information’, this accusation was libellous and their lawyers knew it.Again, why have you deleted this?

      I was in the right, Lewis was in the wrong. Fact.

      5 Why would you want to remove that fact that I travelled (and lived)in Denmark and Israel? Why would you want to remove that fact that I managed Legal Aid contracts for 5 CAB’x in Sandwell and the surrounding district? Encyclopaedic tone? Neutrality?

      You mention consensus, by all means but consensus must be built on honesty and fact not the spiteful deletion of said facts from my public biography in a blatant attempt to discredit and undermine me. Facts, I hasten to add, which are fully verifiable and evidenced. Disingenuous manipulation and unverified wishful thinking constitute neither veracity nor evidence, let alone consensus.

      As for the harassment issue, for some time now I have been subjected to the most appalling tirade of dirty tricks, insult and abuse.

      I now exercise zero tolerance.

      By all means write what you like on my Wiki page,this is your right but make sure you can back it up with the proper evidence and references in accordance with Wiki’s own editorial rules and do stop deleting properly cited and referenced data.

      You’re not fooling anyone here Rhys,least of all me, however in the interests of ‘consensus’ you do of course have the right of reply, which frankly is a damn sight more than I ever get – and this includes BBC ap Wales!


      PS More to the point, why are you so determined to remove any favourable exposition of biographical fact from my Wiki page in the first place? Pull the other one Rhys, if that’s your real name.

      So, it seems even the denizens of my home town are after my blood now, merely for speaking the truth and standing up for the tax-payer. What is Wales coming to??

  3. Well, here I am again – thank you! And to repeat my answer to your question: I was paid by the publisher. I was invited to write a foreword to the Arthur Machen collection, and I don’t work for nothing.

    • In other words Mr Campbell, you were paid by Welsh publisher Parthian Books with tax-payers’ money.

      I rest my case.


      PS For the record, to date Parthian has received £350,000 (approx.) from the tax-payer for the Library of Wales series ie for books that don’t sell. And believe me I know, I’ve spoken with enough Waterstones managers and been right next to the Library of Wales series at book signings. I’ve never seen one individual buy a copy.

      Further, your silence on my statement that you condone and support the insane and contemptible villification I am subjected to, merely for exposing tax-payer abuse, can only lead to one conclusion. Dear dear me.

  4. Hello Julian, and thank you for taking the time to reply.

    I don’t have the time this morning to respond in detail to every one of your claims, but I’ll deal with the one you seem most exercised about, namely the inclusion of Gwyneth Lewis’ rebuttal of your claims. You appear to be puzzled as to why this was deemed necessary of inclusion in Wikipedia. On coming across the Wikipedia page about you, I was equally baffled as to why it was not included: I remembered reading it back in January, and it struck me a significant contribution to the debate. It seemed very strange that it was not mentioned, and as a result, the Wikipedia page seemed to me to lack the neutral point of view that all editors are asked to achieve. I stayed well away from the contentious sections as Wikipedia is not the palce for that sort of debate, and concentrated solely on the facts that neither you nor Gwyneth Lewis have disputed.

    Do any of the edits I made to Wikipedia constitute malice? Objectively not. Do they constitute criminal or illegal behaviour? Laughably not. What, on the other hand, does threatening an innocent Wikipedia editor with criminal and civil action amount to? Well, I’m not entirely sure. But given the distress your comments have already caused me, I’m seriously considering telling Dyfed-Powys Police about your own behaviour here, and of your threatening comments in this blog post. So here’s the question, Julian, asked more in sorrow than with any other emotion. Should I myself go to the police about what you have written here?

    Rhys Jones (yes, my real name)

    • ‘Distress my comments have caused you?!’

      Good God Rhys, you nearly had me in tears there. Hell, I’m not even out of first gear yet. I wouldn’t sit behind my desk for even five minutes if I were you, your precious little sensibilities will suffer a nervous breakdown. If you can’t take it my boy, don’t dish it out is my advice. You could always send your perverse polemic and fantasy exploitation off to Walt Disney I suppose?

      See you in court, you silly-billy,


      PS Off to do some teaching now are we? Welsh medium school, is it?

      • Dear Julian,

        As ever, your kindness knows no bounds. I notice that, despite your bluster, you haven’t addressed my key question, namely whether your harrassment of me constitutes a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act. The evidence you present here points increasingly towards the affirmative. So, if you believe that your behaviour is acceptable, could you explain why it is so?

        Incidentally, I’m perplexed by your claim that I’m a teacher (in fact, I’m a software designer). I’m doubly perplexed, though, by your belief that there is a school, Welsh-medium or no, which is open during the Easter holidays.

      • I’m sorry about this Rhys, I don’t have much time to exchange social niceties with you at the moment. You know how it is. The missus and I are preparing for a wife-swapping party tonight, the glorious and intellectually stimulating Mrs Penn-Thomas has been invited but her reading of Kafka and Conrad (or did she say Glendower Rides Again?) must come first apparently.

        A great pity.She doesn’t know what she’s missing!

        Good luck with the designing and I wish you all the best.

        Over and out,


  5. Dear Mr Ruck
    You are of course aware that Wikipedia has a disputes procedure especially for when there is disagreement about page content. Why don’t you and Mr Jones allow an impartial arbitrator settle the matter without bias? Would save all this silly squabbling wouldn’t it.
    Mrs Penn-Thomas

    • Already being dealt with Mrs Penn-Thomas. Wikipedia does not allow unsourced, unreferenced mischief. As for the ‘silliness’, you do not sit at my desk, neither are you subjected to the insidious and vicious attacks by my fellow countrymen on a daily basis. Please do your homework before making pretty pronouncements.

      Frankly, these days there are times when I am ashamed to be called Welsh.


      PS I wouldn’t call threats of throwing dog shit at my house, emails from 13 year old boys asking me to meet up to discuss their work, scurrilous fake blogs and Twitter accounts in my name, libellous accusations by a Welsh poet in the Guardian, revenge reviews on Amazon, fake intern applications, accusations of my having been imprisoned for fraud,malicious intent on my Wikipedia page, distress to my wife…….. silly? Or does your moral compass point in the same direction as Ramsey Campbell’s ie nowhere.

  6. Dear Mr Ruck
    You appear to have blocked my new email address without allowing me to respond to your accusation that my moral compass points nowhere and that I therefore condone stress to your wife. So pleased that you are, as always, so open to free and friendly discussion. And how reassuring that you are still so happy to throw accusations at others without giving a right of reply. Bravo old boy. You never disappoint. The taxpayers are safer with you on their side.
    Mrs Penn-Thomas

    • You haven’t been blocked Mrs Penn-Thomas, all your comments have been published. What was that about the tax-payer? I also note that you only retract where the distress to my wife is concerned. I assume then, that your moral compass doesn’t point in my direction. Nothing new there then.


      PS The blocking process on this blog is a mediation process. Nothing gets through that is unduly abusive.

      PPS If you took the time to read the other comments below, you will observe that contrary views to my own are given a full and fair forum. Oh and your decidedly puerile sarcasm is making you look frighfully small, but then this is Wales, so you are forgiven.

  7. My apologies for thinking that the non-appearance of a comment meant you had blocked me. It must have been lost in the ether. That’s technology for you.

    The comment that was lost simply stated that you should allow the proper authorities to investigate and adjudicate in the matters of both wiki objectivity and alleged harassment. The two are not necessarily connected. Wikipedia is a fluid democratic non-elitist medium that allows the pooling together of knowledge in an attempt to arrive at balanced articles. You do not own the editing rights to the Julian Ruck page on wiki. If it concerns you overly then I am sure wikipedia will consider removing the page if editing by others causes you distress. I hope this helps.

    My moral compass usually points to right or wrong and sometimes wavers inbetween. It never points to you. That wouldn’t be logical.

    Am I to assume that you think being ‘frightfully small’ is a particularly Welsh trait?

    Mrs Penn-Thomas

    p.s. Not sure ‘peurile’ and ‘sarcasm’ are good bedfellows unless you are being oxymoronic. A bit intellectual and literary for you but we are in Wales so you are forgiven.

    • Oh dear dear me, Mrs Penn-Thomas. Have a pedantic second home firmly imbedded in your rectum do you? I only hope for your sake that the Taffy Nationalists don’t try and blow it up!

      Keep on rockin’ and rollin’!


      Julian xx

      PS Actually, I just adore a smart-arse bit of crumpet. Maybe we can meet up and discuss our differences over a bottle of whisky and a packet of Golden Virginia? As it so happens, I’m thinking of setting up a new dating site. It will be called ‘Ruck The Fxxx, and All Who Sail on Him’!

      Oh and on the ‘intellectual’ front, I’ve been known to pass the odd exam or two in my time, even read the odd book (although I confess, I haven’t finished colouring it in yet).

      You see, I’ve just never felt the need nor indeed compulsion to show off about it. Bad form, it’s rather like telling people at some exclusive Taffy intelligentsia Cheesio ap Winio shindig, what University one attended. Something to do with my ‘dragged up’ antecedents and English (God forbid!) education, no doubt – on the other hand it could of course, have something to do with my being buggered silly at publc school?

      You fell right into that one didn’t you, Mrs Penn-Thomas? Give ’em enough rope etc etc, you silly-billy. You’re not related to Welshy poet Gwyneth Lewis are you? Yet another lady who sadly, forgets to point both barrels of a shotgun away from her feet before pulling the triggers!

      • Did you start on the whisky early yesterday? Sorry I didn’t get your invite to the soiree at the Ruck household last night. I am sure I could have dragged myself away from Kafka to share a glass or two with you and the missus, though I would have to draw the line at buggering. The dating site might be an excellent way for you to expend all that pent up Ruckness although a private gigolo service would be a more financially lucrative enterprise for a man of your particular skillset. There must be a niche market for what you can offer.

        I have decided to forgive your reference to me as ‘crumpet’. I can understand why you might be a little intimidated by anyone who can string a few sentences together and make a cohesive argument in opposition to your own, let alone a woman. So resorting to type is your natural defence mechanism. I do hope we can work through this phase of your insecurity. I hope that eventually you will realise the strength of your own opinion doesn’t need to rely on trying to belittle the opponent, whether this be patronising women or accusing men of thuggery. Not everyone who argues from an opposing viewpoint is one of the thugs. Not everyone who challenges your argument is challenging your person.

        I suspect that if you and I ever did share a dram and cigerette we would actually get on very well. As long as we didn’t talk about literature of course…or the public funding of the arts…

      • Well PT, I’m impressed! No doubt about it, you to have the charm of Medusa and the smile of Caligula!

        In fairness, you have a sense of humour so I take my hat off to you – and I do wear them on a daily basis. Not the baseball cap variety you understand, far too working class, it’s Christys’ Hats or nothing.

        And do you know, I think you’re right. We probably would get on rather well in some smoky bar in Soho – not that there’s any left but you get my drift.

        Best wishes,


        PS And all women are pieces of ‘crumpet’, it just depends how much butter is spead all over ’em and where! Oh and have a read of ‘The Bent Brief’, you certainly won’t be surprised.

  8. P-T, Mrs
    I wonder whether you heard Dannie Abse ,a Welsh poet of some note you might agree ,on Radio 4’s TODAY programme where he said that the Welsh, I quote, behaved like a defeated nation.This of course must be reflected in the, ‘literature’.

  9. Dear Mrs Brightmore
    I am sure that both Dylan and R.S.Thomas also had views about the Welsh that were negative and expressed such in their literary works. However such views should always be expressed, as these men did, from a position of love for the nation and its people. To inspire thought, self-awareness and change for the better. Unfortunately, Mr Ruck’s position all too often reads as contempt rather than critique.
    Mrs Penn-Thomas

    • Please, if you must ,address me correctly .I am not anyone’s ‘Mrs.’ I doubt you are either.
      Dannie Abse was ‘not’ referring to the Thomases R.S. and Dylan ,but to the dross that came afterwards. It was a pity you didn’t hear the interview for yourself then your comments might have been relevant.
      However I must say I am surprised by your continued fascination with Julian Ruck.If he is in your eyes, and those of your cronies , he is a figure of such contempt why waste all this time commenting about him ? I really would have thought you’d have better things to do with your undoubted mastery of the ‘ penn’ , Mrs.P-T. together with such a sad waste of an almighty intellect ,if I
      might be so bold.

      • How would you like me to address you gbrightmore? I certainly wouldn’t want to cause unnecessary offence.

        My comment regarding the Thomases was totally relevant to the discussion. I was likening Dannie Abse to the Thomases in his pointed assessment of the Welsh and in this respect I was agreeing with you. Intelligent debate can find points of agreement.

        I did not say that Julian is a figure of contempt in my eyes – he understood my meaning completely as shown by his thoughtful and honest response – so you don’t have to leap to his defence in this matter.

        I don’t have ‘cronies’. I am, like Julian, just speaking up for what I believe is right. It is just that Julian and I believe differently, and passionately, about the same topics. I doubt he would expect me to drop a subject I care so deeply about and about which there should be open and honest debate. This is something about which I can whole heartedly agree with him. And that is why I will continue to challenge him on his blog… I am sure he is glad of the joust. A man with a taste for a tussle I don’t doubt.

        Mrs (as written on my bank card) Penn-Thomas

      • I’m still not convinced PT, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

        Heavens above, what’s this then?! A gentle word or two in my direction? Are you feeling alright?

        A pleasure ‘tussling’ with you, PT. I’m in Worcester tomorrow, I have to go and prepare my lady-killer kit, it’s always women who buy my books at signings you see. Commercial fiction thug that I am!

        Do look after yourself,


    • You know, I’m wondering if I have been remarkably slow and dim-witted here (well, that’s nothing new I hear you say PT!).

      You wouldn’t happen to be Penny Thomas of Seren Books, would you? Come on now, own up!


      PS No wonder you’re trying to fry my arse! Your knowledge of Welsh literary endeavour is a dead giveaway!

    • Now Penny, you may be the Taffy literature expert, but I’m an old school legal man and that last response of yours was the nicest bit of slippery evasion I’ve read in a long time.

      Well, fair play to you. We have had our wars, hostilities are now over. No hard feelings, and you can pass my sentiments on to Mick.


      PS ‘Crazyhorse 185’ is an injun too, funnily enough.

      • What answer would not appear slippery evasion? Who is Mick?

        I shall raise my glass to you tonight as a sign that this round is over – its a rather peaty single malt that I think you would appreciate – and I shall look forward to the next round. Ding Ding. x

  10. Nice one , Penny.
    We did of course see you at the Chapter talk ,even though you were wearing a hat at some pathetic attempt at concealment , when a protracted attempt was made to intimidate Julian ,and myself by your associates from Parthian Books.
    If the spectacle Mr Davies and his bully boys put on in November is anything to go by publishing in Wales is having some sort of crisis bordering ,dare I say, on a nervous breakdown and has reached a new low ebb.
    I am really glad that Mr Abse was not there that evening to witness it for himself and the fact that, ‘democracy’ is a concept alien to those perpetrators.

    • I wasn’t at the Chapter talk gbrightmore. Penny Thomas may or may not have been. You will have to ask her that.

      I am not entirely sure that your ‘supportive’ comments are helping Julian’s cause. He has, like a wiseman, allowed that perhaps with the benefit of the doubt I may be telling the truth. You just continue to prattle on as if you have no concept of reality. How do you think that reflects on him? You are an intelligent woman. Try framing your comments with some degree of continuity and eloquence if you want to support Julian’s work.

      Are you the one who suggested to Julian I might be Penny Thomas? Well he won’t thank you for that red herring.

      • And thank you for the confirmation, ‘Zarathustra’. Unfortunatley, this feral and uncaged beast known as the ‘Internet’, has a nasty habit of inducing sometimes unfair and wrong conclusions.

        Julian Ruck

        PS Although I am compelled to ask, what on earth is the christian name of your girlfriend’s friend, said ‘Mrs Penn-Thomas’? All this formality is starting to make my fingers ache!

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