Pearls of Wisdom at the Welsh Assembly (Column 3.3.13)

Here’s the latest.

Earlier this month the BBC reported on a new instruction manual being dished out to our politicos up there at that leisure centre in Cardiff Bay – by the way, I have it on good authority that the Assembly is now also organising ‘Away Day Boat Trips’ in the Bay for AM’s wishing to improve their knowledge on marine ecology – something to do with the fish tanks at the Merthyr Tydfil Council offices I’m told.

Anyway this instruction manual, which is called ‘Gold Dust’, advises AM’s on how to best ask questions. I’m serious! The manual tells them not to distract with pens, ask one question at a time and to always make eye contact.

But here’s the best one, AM’s are also being trained on how to sit and how to dress. Can you believe it?! I just hope there are plenty of bananas being dished out at elevenses, to make sure they don’t all get over excited!

Mind you, I have to admit, they could all certainly use some tuition on how to dress. Most of them forget to undo their jacket buttons when sitting down (no doubt the same applies to their flies), their choice of polyester tie is a disgrace and as for the short sleeve shirts, well I’m not even going to go there.

We the voting public, can only keep our fingers crossed, that before the next little trade jolly to India, our Carwyn  finds  himself a decent tailor, before trying to soft-soap the local nabobs into buying up  tons of boiled-up laverbread and a few dozen copies of ‘Glendower Rides Again!’

When are we going to see some real politicians, some real statesmen in Cardiff Bay? When is the Welsh ‘Government’ going to stop being a laughing stock and embarrassing the Welsh nation?

And to cap it all, they now want their own Police force!  Carwyn’s Peelers, it’s to be called. God help us. Dai Orwell’s ‘1984 Cymru’ here we come!

PS And to Mr Keith Davies AM, if you must wear short-sleeved shirts, do please have them properly laundered and pressed. After all, you do represent Wales. A tie now and again wouldn’t harm either, even if it is from Poundland.



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