Creative Wales Awards!

The Arts Council of Wales has left me out, again!

Disgraceful! (not that I’ve ever applied for a tax-payer bung but that’s not the point).

Austerity? The disabled having their benefits cut?

What the hell, the tax-payer is still expected to dish out millions (in Wales anyway, 4 million to date out of the 32 million the ACW receives from the tax-payer each year) for lumps of wood, twisted metal and a bit of visual carousing on the odd ‘Oh Caltaffy’ stage. And yet  literacy standards amongst our young, are the lowest in Europe. Once again, what the hell, elitist artistic esoterica that few people know about or are interested in, must come before Welsh youth!

Think  how this money could help the promotion of the Welsh language in social media arenas, and thus keep our young on board and preserve the future of the language? – I’m not a Welsh speaker and I don’t support its sometimes bullying and unrealistic agendas, but I recognise the cultural importance of the language and the inalienable, democratic right of those to speak and write it at will.

Reading through the artistic roll-call of tax-payer dependent junkies (and some of the recipients aren’t even indigenous Welsh, but Canadian, American and German!), I remain at an utter loss as to how the Arts Council of Wales can justify such a profligate disregard for what is going on in the country. The Welsh ‘arts’ world and the Welsh ‘government’ are sticking two fingers up at hard-working Welsh people, and that’s that.

Their arrogance is just plain astonishing.

What kind of pretty, protected bubble do these people live in??? Have they any idea at all, of what is going on in the real world, where real people are struggling to make ends meet and are wondering each and every day whether they will still have a job at the end of the month?

Never mind, I suppose the Arts Council of Wales can congratulate itself on keeping the  dependency culture in Wales alive and well, if nothing else.

You know, for the life of me I just do not understand why any ‘artist’ should be paid by the tax-payer to stay at home and wallow in what can only be described as an exercise in egotistical self-indulgence – and worse still, expect the tax-payer to pick up the tab for their exotic meanderings around the world in pursuit of refining their artistic genius?

It’s an absolute farce, particularly as many Council’s have cut arts funding by 100% – the English Arts Council has had a cut of 22%. Arts Council of Wales? 2.9%, but then it is funded by that leisure centre in Cardiff Bay, so say no more.

Other funding organisations are putting wheelchairs before ‘Oh Caltaffy’ and quite right too.

Go out there and get a proper job, pay some tax, contribute, I say. You can still paint, dance, write and sculpt in the evenings and at weekends. Or is such inconvenient mundanity below you?

Actually, I’ve been exercising my artistic bent in the courtyard at the back of the house. Multilayered pyramids of dog poo, with a brush handle sticking out of it. The title? ”Twas on the Good Ship Venus’ and guess what, it hasn’t cost the tax-payer a dime. I’ll be submitting it for the next round of Creative Wales Awards – think I’m in with a chance? Come to think of it, I’ll probably have more luck with the Turner Prize.

NB The winner, last year at the Kidwelly eFestival, of the first £10,000 ebook Award in the world, Zelda Rhiando for her novel Caposcipti, enabled her to travel to the Far East to research her next novel. The thing is, not one penny of tax-payers’ money was used to fund the prize. Her winning novel also had to undergo a strict and extremely competitive judging process.

She won on pure merit, nothing more nothing less, against 100 odd other UK competitors.

Keep an eye out for my newspaper column for more on the above! The Star is being re-launched, bigger, better and reaching a wider readership.

And I thought the £100,000 odd pa to Welsh writers was bad enough (paid by the ACW of course, in other words, you).


PS David Cameron ought to keep an eye on the Arts Council of Wales, don’t you think? I mean, they are sure as hell giving away plenty of ‘something for nothing’!


10 thoughts on “Creative Wales Awards!

  1. “I remain at an utter loss as to how the Arts Council of Wales can justify such a profligate disregard for these days of dire cost and hair cutting mutilation.”
    What? this is gibberish Julian – ‘hair cutting mutilation’? WTF?

    • A subtle take on the financial ‘hair-cutting’ that’s going on all over Europe, Ross. But I take your point, my words are probably a wee bit on the ‘gibbersih’ side , so will amend accordingly.

      Thank you for pointing this out.

      WTF,pedantic devil!



  2. Yes, WAC CREATIVE WALES AWARDS have just announced tax-payer handouts to the tune of £400,000,to be paid to a number of INDIVIDUALS, not theatre companies etc I stress. Many of the recipients were not born in Wales, are not Welsh and are not even long term residents, in fact a couple of Americans, one Canadian and a German all had generous funding awards.Obviously, the fact that we are a soft touch for funding in Wales has travelled far and wide.

    It’s a disgrace!

    • Hello all,
      This is great news for culture in Wales! There are some great contemporary artists the country.
      It is such a small amount of money (on a state scale) and it is good to see it enriching the lives of the viewing public.
      All views should be taken into account.
      Take care,

      • Fair point James – where the critical mass of State funding is concerned (mainly from Westminster and Europe, I would point out, not Wales) -and thank you for your comment.

        I’m not so sure about your enrichment of the viewing public though, I rather think that most would feel a trifle more ‘enriched’ if petrol didn’t cost so much, and 50 Shades came free with a flagon of Scrumpy.

        I know I would!

        All the best,


        PS And if you mean by ‘contemporary’ (or conceptual?), the switching of a light on and off, or the dumping of a pile of Snowdonia slate in the middle of a floor, then I’m sorry but………..

      • Couldn’t the NHS in Wales submit a pile of waiting ambulances at a hospital forecourt with blue lights switching on and off for the Turner Prize Cymru. The prize money could could be put into the Welsh Health Service for improvements. Conceptual art should not be elitist in socialist Wales.

  3. Dear Ms Brightmore
    As far as I can see most of the recipients who dared to be born in other countries have spent more time in Wales than our own dear Mr Ruck has, so I am a bit confused about your comments regarding . Isn’t it wonderful that people of talent are encouraged to make Wales their home – shows us to be a cosmopolitan and forward thinking nation where businesses as well as artists can flourish. Seems to also be a very varied list of artists being supported including musicians, theatre practitioners and sculptors. Quite encompassing not elitist at all. Oh and wasn’t this paid for in the main by Lottery money not tax-payers money? Lottery money is intended to fund the life and cultural activities of the UK that cannot be supported through taxes. A breakdown would clarify this of course and I am happy to be corrected if you or Mr Ruck have the figures.
    yours respectfully
    Mrs Penn-Thomas

    • At least your ‘own dear Mr Ruck’ has never nobbled the tax-payer or the Lottery Fund for his books. And why? Because they have an audience, sell and stand on their two feet!

      ‘A cosmopolitan and forward thinking nation where businesses and artists can flourish’! What planet are you on? An intellectual, Guardian reading Cardiff Coffee Shop one no doubt. Nothing in Wales is ‘cosmopolitan’ unless you consider an ‘ap’ to be of international import, and nothing thrives in Wales without a damn great tax-payer grant behind it. Even Welsh companies are on the dole!

      Take away European and Westminster funding and where would dependency-culture Wales and your wonderful ‘artistes’ be then?

      I rest my case…again.


      PS You people really do need to spend some time in the real world. Bits of twisted metal, a lyrical word or two and a jumped up wooden seat do not pay the bills.

      • Oh lovely. I do like the way in which you edit your own comments / expand your comments when your original one doesn’t actually address the point being made. So, were the awards Lottery funded or tax-payer funded? Clarification on this point would be welcomed.
        For your records, and as an aside to the main thrust of the discussion, I do read The Guardian. I also read The Times and The Telegraph as we were always encouraged at school to read the quality broadsheets. It gives you a wider perspective if you can try to see all sides of an issue rather than barricading oneself behind views that only re-enforce ones own opinion, don’t you think (my local paper keeps me abreast of how my preferred rugby team is doing). I have no idea how reading any particular newspaper infers that I therefore drink coffee in Cardiff nor do I quite see how drinking a latte makes one an intellectual. I must have missed something. I prefer a cup of tea to be quite honest so where does that place me on the intellectual spectrum? Please explain. You also appear to use liberal as a derogatory term – a concise definition I have come across states “Not limited to or by established, traditional,
        orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry” so I readily accept that tag. Thank you for the compliment.
        respectfully (as always)
        Mrs Penn-Thomas

  4. Dear Mr Ruck
    I thought we were talking about the Creative Arts Awards… different medium, different people, different issues. Catch up old boy.
    Mrs Penn-Thomas

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