The Kymin, Penarth.

Well, I must say what a thoroughly enjoyable time I had spouting forth about creative writing the other day at The Kymin, Penarth. It made a change to actually be invited to a Welsh venue – you see, I’m not a member of  the tax-payer funded Welsh literati’s intimate little club ie I don’t screw the tax-payer to get my scribblings into print, and my publisher doesn’t screw the tax-payer to publish them either.

You know, I feel rather privileged to be blacklisted by the Taffy literary set, it means my novels sell and stand on their own two feet!

Anyway, the group I spoke with, were interesting, interested (damn, I just love the odd tautology, if only to give my critics a chance to show how clever they are, when they point it out!) and seemed pleased to have me in for a chat.

I dished out my irreverent views on creative writing and certainly I believe, gave those good folk something to think about beyond the usual academic, creative writing course dogma and inexperienced effluence. And it didn’t cost them a dime. Notes were taken, questions asked and bold, uncut replies given.

I can only hope that the odd ‘creative writing’ tip helped and that my words were at least sincere if nothing else.

Thank you all and my especial gratitude to Gillian Brightmore, who was brave enough to invite me to her writing class in the first place.

NB Gillian’s class is not run by any formal educational institution and in my view, is better for it.


PS For all their literary lionising and pontificating, one rarely sees a tax-payer subsidised Welsh author doing an English bookshop signing event. Now, why is that do you suppose?


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