Creative Writing?

I have two novels waiting in the wings to be published over the next couple of years or so (you can catch the first chapters on my website), so I’m wondering what to write for my next project?

This business of creative writing tempts (and a business it has certainly become), but the problem is, how does one ‘create’ a narrative from you either can or you can’t?

A short treatise, that is both bold and frank, on what has become a mansion industry, is in my view long overdue. For instance, how many published writers have ever been on a ‘Creative Writing’ course? Not many, I can tell you that.

What experience do these creative writing ‘tutors’ have of the real, hard-core publishing world? What are their track records? And what exactly qualifies them to pontificate and spout on the process of making something out of nothing- particulary those with a fully tax-payer subsidised writing ‘career’ behind them?

I will be exploring the ‘The Great Creative Writing Con’ in due course, so watch this space as they say.


PS I’m thinking of doing a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University, myself. I’d have some fun if nothing else, somehow though I don’t think they would have me, not well educated enough apparently and too much of a troublemaker. I’ve been known to pass the odd ‘O’ Level too –  with an occasional grade one here and there believe it or not, and that was in the days when an exam really was an exam!


2 thoughts on “Creative Writing?

    • They had me on the BBC to talk about 50 Shades Sandra and frankly, all I could say was good luck to the author and I bet she’s laughing all the way to the bank.There’s a lot of literary bullshit and snobbery flying about the place but as far as I’m concerned she wrote something that millions of people have read and enjoyed, so she must know a wee bit about how to capture an audience – more than these bloody silly ‘Creative Writing’ extravaganzas anyway.

      Good to hear from you Sandra and all the best,


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