Talk at ‘The Kymin’ Penarth from 1.30pm Thursday 14th March

Creative writing? I’ll be having a few laughs, together with some literary tittle-tattle about the whole magnificently inflated ‘I AM’ writing process.

Precious? Egotistical? Self-important?

Not me, thank God.

Just a quick ‘What’s what’ and hold on to your pants!

I’ll also be doing a signing in my home town Saturday 9th March, WHSmith, the Quadrant Swansea from 10am.

Watch out for more events taking place in the rest of the UK – please click on ‘Events’ tab above.



2 thoughts on “Talk at ‘The Kymin’ Penarth from 1.30pm Thursday 14th March

  1. Will try and make it to Penarth it sounds like a good event.

    You’ll notice or perhaps, don’t give them the seedy satisfaction of a web hit (to double their monthly tally no doubt!), that the Droolers, Dribblers and, Doleys over at **that** other site have been awfully quiet of late. Looks like the battle may have been won and who knows maybe, you actually turned their heads and convinced them! Best, Ross

    • The sudden shyness Ross, is all to do with ‘Old Bill’s’ interest in their malicious antics and empty lives. You know, I often wonder who these people live with. Wives, girlfriends, partners, anyone?

      I simply do not understand what drives an individual to exercise such extraordinary vindictiveness toward someone who merely has a different point of view from their own.

      Thank God I am not made that way.

      It would be great to meet and have a chat.

      All the very best,


      PS There are still some who apparently believe you were one of my interns. You have to laugh!

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