Sir Simon Jenkins……

“Devolution has not relieved or diminished the dependency culture in Wales”, the former Times Editor Sir Simon Jenkins has just stated. ‘It is a sort of poison—-it drives talent away, makes you think someone owes you a living….’

And what have I been saying for many months now,both here and in my column? The majority of people in Wales know what is wrong, they know about the appalling waste of tax-payers’ money, they know about the billions that have been thrown at hopeless causes, and the total lack of scrutiny and accountability that goes on in Cardiff Bay.

As Sir Simon says, we have the castles, we have the beaches, churches and chapels, we have the beauty. A beauty that beats hands down anywhere else in the UK.

The future is leisure and tourism, not a Welsh Government that now wants a Police Service called ‘Carwyn’s Peelers’.

While those nationalist incompetents up at that Cardiff Bay leisure centre are in charge, devolution will continue ‘to weaken Wales, not strengthen it’.

End of story.



2 thoughts on “Sir Simon Jenkins……

  1. Wales is a one party state. There is no opposition. The political parties all subscribe to the devolution project because it is in their own private interests. The Welsh government has bought off opinion forming groups such as charities; and those who have not fallen into line are financially and socially disadvantaged and excluded. The Welsh media are similarly compliant. Wales is a Soviet state. It is logical that Wales’s Soviet government would want to have control over the police.

  2. How true it is that Wales is now a ‘one party state.’

    This comment has articulated what I have felt for some time, that not only in the literary sphere do we get these ‘circles of power’,but in the major charities as well, particularly those in mental health , where I have had some insight

    These should form a radical voice when in fact they are toothless and their silence has been,”bought off”.

    For example Mind, a franchise basis only in Wales, have consistently failed to speak out about the atrocities of so called ‘care ‘ for those suffering mental distress are “compliant” condoning a corrupt system when they should be speaking out.

    Similarly ‘Hafal’ is hand-in – glove with WAG.

    Such is this sad state of affairs in our society, that in a few years I see Wales becoming a ‘banana republic’, desperately dependant on Westminster and Europe for hand-outs to survive.

    Where has the radical tradition that Wales was once famous for, gone I ask?


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