Oh to be a Troll…and a Welsh one at that!

Vindictive and fake Twitter and Blog accounts, malicious articles on my Wikipedia page, fake emails from 13 year old boys, fake intern applications, revenge reviews on Amazon, threats, harassment….you name it.

Well, they have tried bless them, one has to give them that.

The Welsh literati public purse junkies and fanatical Welsh Language Nationalist Trolls, have been out in force for some time now so, it is I think, incumbent upon me to encapsulate their impressive achievements to date where their ‘Hate Ruck’ campaign is concerned.

Do please indulge me.

1 They have criticised me for my use of the noble comma and not to mention my profligate use of CAPITAL letters on this blog. Oh and lest I forget, I am also a grammatical heathen – heavy stuff you must admit.

2 They have jumped for joy and expended great energy on my heinous attempt to plagiarise Christopher Hitchins, all 50-100 odd words of him out of the nigh on one million I have written – yet another load of straws being grasped with malicious futility, I think.

3 I am apparently intoxicated with the folly of crushed sour grapes, having had one of my m/s’s ‘rejected’ by a small insignificant and tax-payer dependent Welsh publisher (which I was unaware of at the time, how little I knew then!), Seren Books, some years ago. Of course rejection from time to time being the norm for any author, is yet again beside the point as is the fact that Seren won’t publish any title that is likely to make money, because they won’t get a tax-payer hand-out for it – true I assure you. See WBC website, they only fund books that are likely to ‘result in a deficit’.

Even Harry Potter was rejected 18 times and Bernard Shaw reckoned he could wall-paper his study with rejection letters, so I am indeed in good company!

NB Seren along with the ex-National Poet of Wales, Gwyneth Lewis, were both roundly discredited a couple of weeks ago in the Guardian – see my post below.

4 They apparently claim that I have never been represented by a firm of highly reputable London Literary Agents, albeit that I was with Andrew Nurnberg’s London until about a year ago (they also represent the likes of Jackie Collins, Antony Beevor, Tariq Ali etc etc), when I ended said representation for personal reasons only.

5 Naturally, I am a total fraud and literary vandal, well the evidence doesn’t quite bear this out, but I suppose I’ve been called worse.

6 They claim I am anti-Welsh and anti-Welsh language. Never mind the fact that I am Welsh and that I have consistently advocated on this blog and in the media, that if less public money were wasted on non-sensical English language books,there would be more money available for the preservation and promotion of Welsh language writing.

7 In spite of no doubt, a Herculean effort to discover my receiving of a tax-payer hand-out or even applying for one for my own work, they have come up with precisely nothing.

I wonder why?

8 Oh damn, and let’s not forget my duff e-book Festival (although perhaps not so ‘duff’, it is and always will be the first in the world to award a £10,000 ebook prize) , which unlike the Dinefwr and Laugharne Festivals cost the tax-payer nothing and simply tried to put something into the local economy – Dinefwr and Laugharne hit the public purse for not short of  £100,000 between them and the two combined, sold less than 400 tickets (the Arts Council of Wales’ own figures).

And before I forget, one particularly deluded and desperate Troll is of the opinion that Kidwelly Festival Ltd received a tax-payer grant.

It did not.

Not one penny and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.

Carmarthenshire County Council operate a scheme whereby they advertise events in order to promote the leisure and tourism industry in the County, a condition of the said scheme is that no money passes directly to the Company involved. My company filled out a form giving permission etc to advertise the Festival as they deemed fit. It should be noted that nowhere will a CCC logo be found on the Company’s official notepaper or indeed promotional material. Again, I wonder why?

To this day, I have no idea whether or not the Council spent any money on advertising and promoting the County under the auspices of Kidwell-e, if they did, it patently didn’t do much good!!

Whatever they decided to do however, was entirely their own business and nothing whatsoever to do  with my Company. I have seen no verifiable evidence either way. Indeed, it should be noted that the Festival was sponsorship free and backed by two investors only. Myself and a co-investor, and for the record, following payment of the the Company’s liabilities we were down by about £55,000. Companies House will duly confirm this when the Company accounts are filed later this year.

NB It is germane to note, that most Companies would have taken the easy route and gone into liquidation, thus abrogating their legal and financial obligations.

Kidwelly Festival Ltd did not do this.

How much of their own money do tax-payer funded Welsh publishers, writers and poets risk in pursuit of their artistic puffery??? I’d love to hear them answer this one!  

So there you have it.

All these silly-billy nationalist and literati Trolls have, is hot air, virulent juvenile angst, playground name-calling and not forgetting the clear and present danger of a faecal missile attack upon my home (click ‘Media’ tab for Evening Post article 4.2.13) .

Dear me, guilty as charged I suppose.

But here’s the rub. All these absurd little people, who spend their useless lives slithering around in front of subsidised computer screens, REFUSE TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES  and, have never had one solitary word of their own published (or if they have, you can be certain that they nobbled the tax-payer to get it into print).

Credible witnesses?

I think not, all they care about is the re-validation of their First Class season tickets for the Taffy Tax-Payer Express.

As the New York Daily News put it, I have ‘left you bloodied and writhing on the floor’. Get over it, see a doctor or get a proper job.

You have no argument, you have nothing, thus the fact that not one of you will come out into the open and debate with me on a public stage with the press in attendance.

There is one last word one can apply to you all – pathetic.

I’m off now to do more important things, All Gas No Oil needs one last going over before editing.The Silver Songsters is in London being edited as I write and should be out soon.

First chapters of both can be read on my website. 



7 thoughts on “Oh to be a Troll…and a Welsh one at that!

  1. I agree with you about the selfish, spiteful swine that are the supposed elite in Wales; but what about the ignorant and arrogant bastards who are lin charge of the communications dept at BBC Wales? I sent them a radio play a year ago and despite sending 3 SAE’s and various letters and phone calls I have heard nothing from them or on a published collection of shert stories I sent to their ‘Writers Room’. If you get out an online petition on thses issues I will gladly sign it. I have had five books of verse and a couple of novels published as well as the short strories, but have always been ignored by Meic the maggot Stephes et al. Viv Griffiths Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 04:31:28 +0000 To: griffstaff4@live.com

    • I must say Vivian, ‘Meic the Maggot’ has given me a laugh this morning!


      PS Did he change his name from Mike to Meic, do you know? I’m still trying to find out whether Lleucu Siencyn, Chief Executive of Literature Wales, changed her name from the more pedestrian Lucy Jenkins but sadly she is refusing to acknowledge my existence. I really can’t imagine why?

  2. Julian, I totally agree with you and support you. They wouldn’t be so determined to malign you if you weren’t telling the truth. You have made yourself a threat to their present and future funding. If you weren’t telling the truth, who would say anything – there’d be no need, would there. Their actions and words prove you to be correct and they are merely mindless morons who see an opportunity to gain public funds to squander, when others would make good use of the money. They’re all thugs and ineloquent scum ! Bollocks to the lot of them, and more power to you !


      • Good to see that you are keeping a keen eye on my blog, Mr Campbell. At least it doesn’t advocate the throwing of ‘dog shit’ at other Welsh authors’ windows.

        And you still insist on the literary dignity and profound erudition of the most ‘learned’ Welsh literati?

        You do however, have a case re truth and journalism (or should that be ‘churnalism’ according to the insightful thoughts of one Nick Davies?), although it must be observed that ‘truth’ and journalistic endeavour do not necessarily go hand in hand, as I am sure you are aware.

        Your contributions are always welcome Mr Campbell, even though I may disagree with them. Unlike many of my detractors, you do at least posit an opinion without slur and personal insult.

        Thank you again,


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