The Welsh literati, Welsh Nationalist and Welsh language extremism – now it’s the Police.

For two years now, I have experienced extreme personal insult, abuse, harassment and malicious accusation, from some (and in the interests of fairness, it must be stated they are few in number) in Welsh literati quarters and those people who seek a Welsh language only, RS Thomas bucolic paradise of insularity and a backward existential wasteland of introverted stupidity.

Insult is fair enough, freedom of expression everything.

But and there is a but,  even the spineless Welsh literati,  misguided Nationalists and Welsh language activists need to appreciate, that they are not above the law, although it is apparent that they seem to believe otherwise.

When insult enters the realms of pure venom and threats to home and hearth, then the law must be invoked, if only to protect the legitimate rights and duties of all those who live together under a democratic roof.

If only to protect the decent values of a civilised society.

They have tried every kind of dirty trick in the book to discredit me. Revenge reviews on Amazon, fake blog and Twitter accounts, vindictive interference with my Wikipedia page, false intern applications and even a fake email from a thirteen year old boy, no doubt trying to entrap me into some kind of sordid, unlawful, sexual encounter – nothing appears to be beyond their fanatical remit.

They have lied, spread vicious, scurrilous and totally unsubstantiated rumour all over the internet, and done their damnedest to make me fearful for speaking the truth and for standing up for the tax-payer and silent majority.

They lead hopeless lives of failure, tragic Dorian Gray ugliness and hum-drum corner-shop insignificance.

A benevolent pity, is all they deserve.

Well know this, all of you.

I will not be intimidated.

Your barricades, your redoubts, your armour of anonymity, cowardice and inadequacy, are all you have.

You are an irrelevance.



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