Welsh GCSE’s……the kiss of death for our young!

Education in Wales is now to be used as a political Action Man for those who seek a nationalist Welsh Nirvana, or indeed a Taffy War of the Roses, with those despotic English ‘robber barons’ from across the Marches.

The Welsh Government in its profound wisdom and insane separatist extremism, has decided that Welsh children will be better served by the easier module-based GCSE system, than the more rigorous and  challenging exam-based system being proposed in England.


Welsh academic qualifications  will be treated with superior contempt by English and international academe and a ‘No Hoper’ label at interview time – and if anyone is fool enough to believe otherwise, hold me to account in five years time.

Just look what this Old Labour, Welsh ‘Government’ has done to education in Wales over the past fifteen years – and just about everything else, come to that?

Since devolution and the  petty Council Chamber Pot politics of the valleys,  the WAG has reduced literacy levels in Wales to the same standard as the Czech Republic, more Welsh students are heading for English Universities, while significantly less are heading for their Welsh counterparts – I wonder why? Scandal after scandal in Welsh Higher Education perhaps? And generally, Wales is rapidly falling behind all league tables in England and Scotland.

So much for all the millions that have gone to the Welsh literati for tomes of literary genius that are quickly forgotten and pulped, imagine how many school text books and pc’s all this money could have bought?

What, in the name of God is this Government doing?

What is it doing to our young?

What is it doing to the future of Wales?

Once again, it’s backwards, backwards and backwards,  into a backwater of economic torpor and irrelevance.

I remember a time when the Welsh Joint Education Committee, was the toughest and most respected examining board in the UK. Its grade 1 at ‘O’ Level or grade  A  at ‘A’ Level, was regarded as the Gold Standard throughout the UK

Look at it now.

I despair.


PS The PISA results to be published in December 2013, are expected to conclude that  Welsh schools’ performance with other OECD countries, is still ‘slipping’ behind – I am being polite here, next time around, no doubt Wales will be behind a failed African state on the verge of extinction.

Who needs the ‘Treacherous Blue Books’? The Welsh Labour Government is an expert at destroying the education of our young, all on its own!


2 thoughts on “Welsh GCSE’s……the kiss of death for our young!

  1. PS that last comma of yours should not be there. Did I say O level? I meant GCSE, since we’re on the subject of qualifications.
    There’s an amusing survey on the Julian Fuck blog about you and your commas. Check it out.

    • You seem to have gone frightfully quiet, ‘Welshnot’? Not so brave, malicious and comically pedantic now are you, with your cloak of anonymity under threat and being the subject of a police investigation?

      And you thought I was bluffing, dear me.

      Yet another serious miscalculation on your part, I think.


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