Where do all the Entrepreneurs in Wales go? Over the Severn Bridge, and far far away, that’s where!

Doug Perkins, founder of Specsavers, joins Terry Matthews as one of only two people from Wales, to be entered on the Sunday Times Rich List and worth over £1bn.

Of  course neither live in Wales

I’m thinking our Doug, should sort out a bulk supply of specs for our myopic Welsh ‘Government’; who knows, they may see some sense for once, and dump their parochial, insular and intellectually stunted delusions of a nationalist Wales for the Welsh?

And what’s all this insistence on the Welsh language being an ‘essential’ requirement for jobs in Wales? Love the language, speak and sing it at will, but let’s not allow it to make Wales even more of an economic backwater and scrap-yard for failure and rank mediocrity, than it already is.

Wales needs new, innovative talent.

It needs sharp, young minds from all corners of the globe. It needs vibrant top-drawer talent to drag it, screaming into the future.

No more turgid obsessions with an inglorious past, no more ancient prejudices and ‘Oh woe, it’s all England’s fault!’

Away with the old Labour guard, the decrepit and lacklustre ideology of washed out collars and cuffs, and cheap, shiny suited irrelevance.

The future is here, it’s now and it sure as hell isn’t Orange!



5 thoughts on “Where do all the Entrepreneurs in Wales go? Over the Severn Bridge, and far far away, that’s where!

  1. I hope you didn’t miss the wisdom of Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM for PLaid when he said there wasbn’t enough funding for the arts ( especially the Arts Council ), as is shown by people being unable to access venues, especially with the cost of fares and fuel rising. We need to fund more of the learning difficulties groups to help these people get into real jobs. There’s thood for Fought for you, and me because accessibility of centralised health problems doesn’t seem to fit in as a priority for additional funding. More money for the hair-shirt, greasy, gyppo opportunists out there to seek grants as ‘seed money’ as that silly cow said to you in Chapter. Somebody give me £100,000 ‘seed money’ so that I can so my literary talent and reap the rewards of not having to produce anything. Haven’t you read my novel, “Barak Hussein Obama could have been a Tenby lad if he hadn’t been born in Hawaii” ?

    Pearls before swine – eh ?


  2. Well I cant argue with anything you’ve put here. It’s just common sense isnt it?. It’s certainly the sort of view that I hear from friends and overhear in my (believe it or not) Welsh public sector workplace (so lord knows what a private sector workplace would be like). The trouble is, you’ve not said anything that hasnt been said thousands of times before on internet forums/blogs/news sites. However, what you are doing is something nobody else presently is doing (the likes of Leo Abse and even Aneurin Bevan have in the past)… and that is attach your name to your digging and criticisms. I take my hat off to you for that! Many are too scared of Welsh nationalist/language activism (and rightly so) to make a stand… for now!

    • Thank you Comeoffit, for your words of support.

      One thing I am certainly not, is fearful of those who would surpress and censor the truth. Believe me, they have tried all kinds of dirty tricks, insult and abuse, but it has got them precisely nowhere.

      My strength lies in my financial independence, which means I am answerable to no-one, except the law, my readers….and my wife! my writing and more than anything else the fact that sooner or later the majority (whom I know are behind me) will stand up and fight back.

      History teaches that sometimes, it only takes one individual to pull the plug, and I for one am sure as hell not scared of Welsh nationalists or their extreme agendas where the Welsh language is concerned.

      This time they’ve met their match, if not more than their match, and I can assure you that I will fight fire with fire if I have to.

      Bring them on, as they say!

      All the best,

      Julian Rushdie – I hear a Taffy fatwa is about to arrive on my doormat, courtesy of Gwyneth Lewis, Welsh poet extraordinaire and Marco Polo of the Seven Seas, and Richard Davies of Parthian Books, acclaimed expert on how to obtain millions from the tax-payer for books that no-one reads.

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