Martin Luther King Jr……

‘ And there comes a time, when we must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular…..but one must take it, because it is right!’

He certainly had something there! I wonder how he would have dealt with the Taffy Mafia?

6, 109 views on this blog, so far this month and only two Welsh nationalist Trolls. The Court of Public Opinion, perhaps?



7 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr……

  1. MLK had a dream: I do to: the Welsh Litterpickeratti put down their oversize cafe latte mocha pretentiousimos for one bloody second and lookout into the Real World! Face facts, if the books are rhubarb then no one will buy them SO why should WE have to pay for them through grant bailout after grant bailout? Retchard Dry-Visage and your Prat-ithan Thugs I’m talking to you? Best, Ross B-P

  2. I’ve noticed that some comments on your blog disappear and also some people don’t seem to be allowed to comment. Surely an open debate should be just that?

    • Dear Felicity Horton,

      Negative comments are published on this blog (although truthfully, they are far and few between, why is that do you suppose?), if you took the time to read more carefully, albeit that they have a tendancy to lack substance. The only comments that are blocked I assure you, are those that exercise malice and the peddling of deluded hatred -inadequate, sorry individuals using multiple fake email addresses etc etc.

      They merit no further comment.

      I note that you refer to me personally, then should you wish to make a meaningful contribution, be it contrary or otherwise, by all means feel free do so, but please do me the courtesy of addressing me by name. Or are you, like the rest of the talentless tax-payer dependent Welsh literati, devoid of any mature civility and decent manner?

      And do note that sometimes comments disappear (and this includes mostly positive ones), simply because I choose to delete some posts, to make way for more important entries on the first page – which is usually all the media tend to look at.

      And let’s face it, the Welsh literati have patently lost the media war.

      Their intellectually childlike and unsophisticated attempts at crude propaganda, deceit and self-important blustering, has merely exposed their whole sorry charade to the eyes of the tax-paying general public, once and for all.

      As I have stated so many times before, if you or your compatriates are so certain of your cause, debate with me in a public forum (with the press in attendance, the English press that is), instead of cowering behind redoubts of pre-recorded sanctuary, hooligan angst and spineless computerised cowardice.

      But make damned certain that you adduce a verifiable, evidence backed argument and not a romantic ditty of distinctly self-serving exaggeration, hyperbole and self-obsessed, unreal small-town egoism, otherwise you will suffer the same fate as your ex-National Poet of Wales, Seren, Parthian, the WBC, Literature Wales……..need I go on?

      As I have said before, put up or shut up.


      PS And there is no such thing as an ‘open debate’, when those who wish to take part, refuse to identify themselves!
      Further note, that I apply zero-tolerance where personal abuse and insulting anonymity are concerned. I have received more than my fair share.

  3. As I understand it the convention in writing comments on blogs is not to address by name as if writing a letter so this was no discourtesy but simply following convention.

    You have certainly worked hard to dig up facts and figures to support your views but you have not proven any wrongdoing. Applying for a legitimate grant does not make anyone corrupt or thieving nor does it render their views worthless and in my opinion Gwyneth Lewis put forward a very good argument for funding for the arts and before you suggest otherwise I am not connected to her in any way.

    You have put forward an argument but you are not judge and jury and the jury is definitely still out.

    • Gwyneth Lewis’ ‘argument’ was a classic Welsh literati defence based on fanciful data, inaccurate supposition, and a naivity and ignorance of the real publishing world that plain beggared belief (see my reply on this blog).

      She was also blatantly and insultingly libellous, thus the retractions and corrections that the Guardian had to make in quick order, to her ‘article’.

      If in your view, her article was so blazingly erudite and cogent (which it plainly wasn’t, indeed its intellectual merit can be knocked about with a feather), why hasn’t she accepted my invitation to debate her position in a public forum and why hasn’t hasn’t come out from hiding and challenged me on my data and argument head-on?

      I’ll tell you why, because like all the other tax-payer funded Welsh literati failures, she doesn’t dare. These people would be nothing without the tax-payer.

      And the jury is most definitely out, try your argument on with the tax-paying public, and see how far you will get.As usual, you are totally ignoring the facts eg the Western Mail poll 79% for me, 21% against, and also coveniently attempting to divert my polemic away from the exact postion of the Welsh literati as opposed to the question of State funding for the arts generally, an entirely seperate issue.

      If you call wealthy people screwing the tax-payer for their self-indulgent forays into autobiographical pap that no-one is interested in, and for written work that would insult the tightened buttocks of a distressed patron about to evacuate his bowels in a noisy lavatory at Paddington Station, then your moral compass must be magnetised to the Star Ship Enterprise!

      And please, Felicity Horton – just had a sex-change have you, Welshnot? you’ll be running out of fake email addresses soon – if you are going to enter this debate, then do familiarise yourself with the facts.

      Your ‘comment’ is nothing but an exercise in emotive wishful thinking, made even less credible by its paucity of hard data.


      PS Oh, and ‘convention’ is for those with a comatose imagination, and a tendancy to bore a donkey’s glass eye to sleep!

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