My contributions to the Jeremy Vine Show and The Telegraph….never let it be said!

Here are the links to both the Jeremy Vine Show (BBC Radio 2) and the Telegraph article:-

NB It should be noted here, that the two presumed ‘trail-blazers’ of the Welsh media ie BBC ap Wales and the Western Mail, refused outright to broadcast or publish the exact details of my FOI data, particularly in respect of tax-payer hand-outs to Welsh ‘celebrities’ eg BBC ap Wales presenters, and the fact that its former Controller Geraint Talfan Davies, had his own autobiography paid for from the public purse.

It took London to deliver the goods – and what have I been saying about the ‘Welsh Establishment’???!!!

This time, I really do rest my case….for now anyway.



8 thoughts on “My contributions to the Jeremy Vine Show and The Telegraph….never let it be said!

  1. Nice one Julian,the Welsh Music scene died years ago.Why should I subsidise these “has been” bands who haven’t released any new material worth listening to for years.

    • Not forgetting Mal Pope’s tax-payer handout for his life story entitled, ‘Old Enough to Know Better’, apparently not! If it wasn’t true, it would be laughable!

      Same with Owen Money’s tax-payer funded autobiography ‘Money Talks’ – now, he really is a comedian!


  2. Julian,

    Good to see the article in the Telegraph, glad people are taking notice of your investigations.. Had a listen to the Radio 2 discussion, not sure why you took part to be honest, It was a discussion concerning fairer distribution of royalty payments on copyrighted works, money that is already being payed out, That then turned into an argument concerning the language itself. Nobody came out out if very well.

    Good luck with the literati fight,


  3. Well done Julian! Whether you are right or wrong Wales, and in particular the Welsh media, is well overdue a bit of free speech.

    p.s. I looked at one of your claimed bogus book reviews on Amazon… the writer a chap called ‘Sionnyn’. Your spider sense was correct to be tingling! He has been posting under that name (in support of all things Plaid Cymru and Welsh language related) on the Walesonline website for years.

    • Thank you for that, Comeoffit! There are a few other sad nationalist fanatics (no, not BBC ap Wales!), setting up fake blog accounts eg Julian Fuck, Twitter accounts etc etc. Not to mention nasty little Google postings. I hope they get some fun out of it, they certainly make me laugh!

      All the best,


  4. You probably have a point in regards to the self serving Tafia handing grants to each other to publish pretentious rubbish that no one reads, however, your comments in regards to Welsh language publishing and Welsh music are out of order. You must remember that Welsh speakers pay taxes and TV licenses and it’s only fair that Welsh musicians get a fair deal when their music is played on BBC’s only Welsh language station.

    • Thank you for writing in, Terry.

      Please read the contents of my blog more carefully and you will see that my argument concerns English language titles only – just a few comments down on this page. For the hundreth time, I have even advocated that if less money was spent on all this English language nonsense, then there would be more money in the pot for the promotion and preservation of Welsh language writing!

      Again, please read the transcript of my public talks, under the post titled ‘Welsh Writing Sucks’, New York Daily News, not my words, I hasten to add – I AM NOT AGAINST THE WELSH LANGUAGE per se!

      You have a point of course Terry, but surely consensus and persuasion is the way forward?

      All the best,


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