2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 33,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 8 Film Festivals

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10 thoughts on “2012 in review

  1. I do wonder what the scam artists of Prat-ithan, Hobo and Sterile would make of this? Thing is they can’t accept facts. Reich-ard Davies, the Dribbling Catweazle and their cafe latte cohorts would try and distort the statistics no doubt, their heads so far up their tax payer subsidised trousers that anything would seem plausible! The idiots! Keep on talking the sense throughout this new year and beyond Julian because it would seem like they have retreated into their dribbling timemachine the silence is an admittance of defeat from them. Best of luck, Ross.

    • ‘Welshnot’ is a prime example, I think Ross.And as usual this sorry fellow, refuses to identify himself.

      Happy New Year to you,


      PS I’ve just been talking with the Daily Telegragh re funding for Radio Cymru, Welsh language pop singers and the Welsh ‘literati – now BBC Cymru is having to broadcast English language songs, they must be spitting at every note and lyric!

      1.6 million pounds pa to BBC Cornwall, 16.5 million to Radio Cymru and yet the audience figures are the same. Billions thrown at the Welsh language over the past thirty years….and it’s in decline and dying.

      Questions need to be asked??


  2. I viewed your blog many time Julian, but that was because I was aching to see what new unfounded accusation , what new lie and what new comical semi-literate rant you’d come up with. It’s a car crash, you’re a vain and bitter fool, and what’s more you censor anything you disagree with while pretending you’re trying to hold a debate.
    Happy new year.

  3. welshnot – so how are facts now called lies? Do the organisations who reply to F of I Requests ‘lie’ when replying in Wales? All Julian is doing on this blog is reporting what he found out.
    Btw I hope you were able to read the ‘Western Mail’ yesterday and the comments of Michael Buerk ,the veteran BBC correspondent where he expressed his negative views on Welsh culture. Your really should…it might put you in a right Welsh knot.
    Enjoy more whining in 2013 ,as I’m sure you will do.


    • I am still trying to work out, what all this Welsh ‘Culture’ and ‘Welsh way of life is all about’, Gillian? I’ve lived all over this country (and I’m talking here the UK, Wales is not a sovereign state, albeit that there are those who delude themselves that it is), and frankly, lived no differently in Suffolk or Surrey than I do in Wales – apart from eating the occasional plate of bacon, cockles, laverbread and the odd welshcake!

      As Michael Buerk says, Wales is England but with a better voice. The fanatical Taffy Mafia are certainly more vocal, than the more sensible and temperate majority and that’s a fact.


  4. What is your definition of culture, Julian? If you can give me a definition (no, not from a dictionary) then I will better understand where you’re coming from.

    There is a rich vein of Welsh life and culture running throughout Wales. I’m sure if you actually experienced any of it your obvious revulsion would drive you away, so you’d never get to see how it exists anyway. You do not understand that which you are seeking to destroy. Really, you don’t. You stand on the outside and batter it like a hooligan.

    I have only recently come to find out about you and what you are trying to achieve. You obviously believe in what you are doing, so the gusto with which you execute your work is admirable, if not to a disturbing extent. I am a Welsh speaker, and I am proud of my Welsh heritage (is this allowed, or is it just the Scots and the English who are allowed to gloat in national pride?), but I have never considered myself a nationalist. I hate to say it, but you are changing that. The more I read your blog, the more I want to stand up and be counted as a proud Welshman. Oh, and I’ve started buying and reading the Library of Wales series too, by the way. Parthian must be chuffed with all the free publicity you’re giving them 😉

    • Dear Shagwr,

      I despair.

      Why is that you folk of a particularly enthusiastic Welsh language persuasion, abjectly refuse to recognise EXACTLY what I am saying, both here, in the media and in public talks.

      For the umpteenth time, and my God am I getting fed up of repeating myself!, I AM NOT AGAINST THE WELSH LANGUAGE, indeed both here and publicly, I have advocated the view I don’t know how many times, that if tax-payer funding was cut for rubbish English language books then there would be more in the pot to promote and preserve Welsh language titles!!!

      Nowhere on this blog, or anywhere else for that matter, will you find an attack by me on Welsh language books! READ the transscript of my talk – it is on the first page of this blog, under the post title ‘Welsh Writing Sucks’, New York Daily News,and by the way not my words.

      My argument from day one, has concerned English language books only. Their Welsh language counterparts, are a separate issue entirely and nothing whatsoever to do with me.

      As for your polemic re ‘Welsh culture’, as usual you exaggerate and misrepresent my position, with a virulence that would shame the rants of Mussolini. ‘Revulsion’? ‘Destroy’? What the hell are you talking about? I am Welsh!!! Albeit that my postion in this respect, remains – being a South Walian, I have no idea what all this so called ‘Welsh culture’ is all about. As I have said before, and quoting Michael Buerk, as far as I am concerned Wales is England but with a better voice, and that’s that, oh and not forgetting the occasional Welshcake and slurry of laverbraed!

      You in North Wales have a different view which is fair enough. ‘Chill out’as they say, get over it, and go out and get pissed or something.

      All the best,


      PS Your name wouldn’t have anything to do with a Welsh brothel would it? You North Walians finally getting into the 21st Century at long last, bless you!Wish I’d known about it the last time I was up there, do they do the Taffy Tantric?
      PPS And believe me, the only publicity surrounding Parthian is extremely negative. Once again, do your homework and check out the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show etc etc! Richard Davies made a complete and utter fool of himself, in front of millions of people.

  5. PARTHIAN BOOKS certainly need all the publicity it can get considering the quality of the writing that they produce with titles like ,”Ten of the Best’ , or should that be WORSE ,and the quality of staff working there. In a similar vein Seren’s recent ,” Real Cardiff by Bike.” !
    I recently had an email from one of these so called , ‘associates’ at Parthian that was written completely in lower case ie: no capital letters nor any punctuation. I found this was what produced a sense of ,”revulsion” within me. [Ref.above post.]
    Is this an example of that ‘culture’ , Shagwr is so proud of ? Is it any wonder Wales has one of lowest literacy rates in Europe similar to one in the Czech republic?
    Isn’t it time some people in the so called Welsh literary establishment, ‘ got real’ and realised what their nepotism and their glorification of the ‘second rate ‘ has produced? I refer to writing in ENGLISH , is a derivative typ of literature where , in my opinion , it is quite laughable to talk about a literary , ‘canon’ [in English language] as many in academia here still do.
    G .K. Brightmore

  6. G.K. Brightmore, with grammatical errors such as the ones above, I’m assuming you were educated in Wales. Jokes 😉

    On a serious note, I have found many of the books published by Parthian, Seren and Honno, for that matter, to be of the highest order. There are re-prints of books that were best-sellers in their day. Have you read any? I notice several people have attacked Mr Ruck’s style of writing, but I will reserve judgement until I have read one of his books myself.

    Is the idea of an Anglophone Welsh literary canon any more ridiculous than, say, an Anglophone Irish literary canon? How about Afro-American as opposed to American literature? I know the arguments against, yet I find it difficult to cast away the arguments for a canonisation of Welsh literature.

    If we’re going to bring the state of literacy in Wales into this, surely having some of these Welsh books alongside the English ‘classics’ would enhance the learning experience, no? Could we not combine a sense of national and local identity with education? Or should we all just resign to the same old ‘British’ syllabus? A sense of identity is important. It keeps people grounded. Why don’t the Welsh government put in a order for, say, some Allen Raine instead of Jane Austen? Perhaps schools around Merthyr and the Rhondda could read some of Alun Lewis’s poetry? Why not? Pray, tell.

    I’m a keen cyclist, I will be sure to look into ‘Real Cardiff by Bike’.

    And yes, I am proud of being Welsh. Just because somebody wrote you an email without punctuation, you suggest I should surrender my national pride? Or should I surrender it because, according your evaluation, the inhabitants of my country are a little bit thick? A poor state of education has absolutely *nothing* to do with being proud. If you’re going to ration levels of national pride on that basis, might I suggest that all Englishmen and women surrender all nationalist tendencies on account of Birmingham’s obesity rate? “Look at all these fat people! *SCOFF* I just don’t know what England is coming to these days”.

    “Is it any wonder” WHAT!?!?! What am I wondering at as regards literacy in Wales? You’ve not explained what exactly it is that’s causing this problem? Are you blaming it on the Welsh government’s doling out of money to the arts? Because if you are, Birmingham is fat because Westminster spent millions of pounds on gushing tributes to one of the most privileged women on this planet. Makes sense, surely?

    • Dear Shagwr,

      Thank God, one of my detractors has a sense of humour. Good on you!

      Just a point or two.

      I lived in Sandwell, just outside Birmingham, a few years ago. It was then, the fourth most deprived area in the country.
      Now don’t laugh, but I was doing my bit for the grossly disadvantaged – actually, going to Court and preventing repossessions from hungry mortgagees and holding up Bankruptcy Petitions from even more voracious door-step creditors etc etc.

      What the hell is going on here, you may be asking? Ruck showing a compassionate side?!

      Now, before you accuse me of rampant lawyerly exploitation, at that time I was managing Legal Services Commission contracts (ie Legal Aid) across five CAB’x (a Not For Profit organisation, as you probably know),Tipton,Smethwick, Cradley Heath, Oldbury and Sandwell – come to think of it, more tax-payer money to Welsh CAB’x would do a damn sight more good than books on Welsh Place Names!

      Anyway, a subsidised great and good Art Gallery was set up in West Brom. The liberal intelligentsia were bringing ‘culture’ to the great unwashed and swinish multitude no less! A worthy, noble and highly commendable act of human kindness,you will agree. Even the militant but charitable General Booth, would have been impressed at the re-igniting of such philanthropic Victorian largesse!

      Guess what? It didn’t last five minutes, and why? I don’t think I need to insult your intelligence.

      Re literacy in Wales. We are on a par with the Czech Republic, so what the hell is the Welsh Government doing and so much for Devolution? Many, many years ago, I sat my ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels under the highly respected, if not THE most respected, exam board in the country ie UK – the Welsh Joint Education Committee.

      Look at it now.

      Finally, as for the attacks on my own writing eg revenge reviews on Amazon etc etc. These people have patently not read any of my books. Ironically, the Welsh Books Council reviews in particular, have always been ‘stunning’as they say!And none of my books have ever received one penny from the tax-payer and neither indeed has my publisher to publish them!

      All the best, and if you are ever in the South, get in touch and I’ll treat you to a fine old Welsh breakfast, that’s if I can get the missus off the gin.

      I mean it!


      PS And thank you Shagwr (God that sounds bloody ridiculous, no wonder I don’t speak Welsh! Joking! Joking!), for being at least moderately temperate with your opinions. Normally all I get is abuse, insult and dirty tricks.
      PPS Please read some of my newspaper columns. On blog, click ‘Media’ tab, particularly the one about Devolution.

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