A ‘bitter and twisted man’, so reckons slithery Top Shelf Phil Rickman of BBC Radio Wales!

Yes, this was our Phil’s opening shot at a pre-recorded interview a few months ago for BBC Radio Wales.

Nothing like making a guest feel comfortable is there? – of course, he wouldn’t have said this had we been ‘live’.

Far too spineless and I’m hardly renowned for being the retiring sort.

Never mind, sadly, constant misrepresentation, insult, abuse and juvenile name-calling, seem to be the only forms of attack that the Welsh ‘literati’ can level at me. Perhaps one day, they might actually come up with some substantive and verifiable arguments to support their case.

I doubt it though.

They’ve had not far off a year and still nothing but steam and hot air.




14 thoughts on “A ‘bitter and twisted man’, so reckons slithery Top Shelf Phil Rickman of BBC Radio Wales!

  1. Dear Gordon Harries,

    Firstly, I do not believe my blog post to be a ‘rant’, more shall we say, a personal polemic.

    Secondly, no doubt if you were subjected to the daily misrepresentation of my views, and the general abuse and insult that I am, you would eventually feel compelled to respond. To date, I assure you I have exercised the utmost restraint and indeed have not once responded with a ‘like for like’ attack.

    I am however human, with all the frailties and inexplicable foibles that such a condition is sadly renowned for.

    Than you for your observation and all the very best,

    Julian Ruck

    PS Wish I could join you in a fag!

  2. Dear Gordon,

    The post was removed simply because I refuse to give nasty little trolls the oxygen they so desperately desire. I left it up there long enough to make a point.

    However for the record, an apology and explanation will appear in my next column on Wednesday 5th December (it was drafted last Wednesday morning).

    Now, is there anything else you want to knock me over the head with?

    All the best,


    PS Cowardice is not my style, nor has it ever been, which is a damn sight more than can be said for all those who use anonymity and computer screens to hide behind.

  3. My apologies Gordon, this was not my intention. I fully appreciate that your questions have been balanced and without rancour. However, I readily admit that following recent events my sensitivities have perhaps become a little too acute.

    May I suggest that you consider the unfounded hostility experienced at my recent talk in Cardiff, the fake blog accounts eg Julian Fuck, fake Twitter accounts, fake emails, accusations of being a sexual pervert, paedophile, charlatan, thief, liar………need I go on?

    All these matters have been reported to the police. Crime Referance Numbers provided if required.

    Again my apologies, if my responses appeared intemperate. Unfortunately, the internet sometimes puts one in a different place, an unpleasant place.

    All the best,


  4. I’ve never met or spoken with Steve Mosby or David Hewson either. I’ve had dealings with both though and, frankly, they both seem like very solid individuals.

    If you’re claiming that they are two of the people who persecute you, then I’d like to see evidence because, equally frankly, I’m not going to take *just* your word for it.

    I’ll go have a look at that blog post now.

  5. Wait, you entitled a blog post “How dare any of you criticise the Kidwell-eFestival?! – particularly David Hewson” and then deleted his comments? seems to me that if you’re going to address someone head on like that, you at least give them a right to reply.

    • Gordon, I give everyone a right of reply even when that reply is a criticism of my good self, as evidenced by this present exchange. What I do not do, is engage with abuse and insult, full stop.

      Dig deeper into Google Gordon and you will discover Mr Mosby’s response to a polite invitation to my ebook Festival. He apparently found the option of ‘sticking fxxxxxg pins in his eyes’ more preferable to accepting said invitation. You are also ignoring Mr Hewson’s livid and personal attack on me and the Kidwell-e.

      You wanted evidence? Well,you’ve got it. At least do me the courtesy of accepting the fact.


  6. Yes, but several times during this exchange you’ve accused me of having an axe to grind and even implied that I was somehow in league with Mosby and Hewson. You’ll forgive me if I take a moment to consider your findings before accepting them wholeheartedly.

    • Gordon, I have made no such implication re Mosby amd Hewson. You mentioned that fact that you had had dealings with them and that they were both ‘solid individuals’. I cannot help but feel that you are the one who is now being over-sensitive. Welcome to the club!
      PS Notification of your findings would be appreciated, but you should see some of the communications I have ‘trashed’ from Mr Hewson. His internet diatribes are positively tame.

  7. Apologies Julian, the relevant text didn’t cut and paste correctly. This is the bit I wanted to quote (which you wrote, for the sake of attribution) “P.S More to the point, why are you so interested? Paranoia? I don’t think so. Just another attempt to discredit me, I give you people ten out of ten for persistence.”

    Which I took to mean I was being lumped in under the umbrella title of “you people.”

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