‘Revenge Reviews’ on Amazon

I never fail to be astonished by how low some people can get. Now those who don’t like the truth are writing unpleasant ‘reviews’ about ‘The Bent Brief’ on Amazon.

It is obvious to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence, that you have not read the novel and that you are in dire need of help, but if such activity makes you feel better then by all means, do carry on.



2 thoughts on “‘Revenge Reviews’ on Amazon

  1. As an avid follower of your books and this blog not to mention the number of times we have met in person, at Waterstones in Swansea and our initial meeting at WH Smiths in Tenby, I felt compelled to do my duty. A real review of “The Bent Brief” by a real reader has now been submitted to Amazon.

    • And thank you, Mike.

      As you must be aware, the Taffy Taliban are out in force and doing their damnedest to discredit me – all to no avail, of course. Sadly,these days this is the way of Wales. Fanatical and minority Welsh speaking nationalists intent on subjugating the majority,and I haven’t even started on the Welsh language side of publishing in Wales yet!

      All the best and good to hear from you,


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