Bums, Bosoms And All Who Sail On Them!

I have weakened.

For some brief minutes last night, the gaudy fun of ITV took over from the pugilistic Paxman – a diversion insisted upon by my darling wife I must add. Remember? She with the wine soaked lips and a rump that still defies gravity, in spite of her Super Milf status.

Anyway, whilst being thoroughly bamboozled by popular fun and games ( I gave up on such juvenile antics years ago, my present wife saw to that), I couldn’t help but notice two particularly odd adverts.

One was for deodorant and one was for body lotion – neither of which I have ever been tempted by I hasten to add, all manly stink and sexy, that’s me………….

I observed and absorbed, all these blondy nymphettes running hands and fingertips across young bodies that looked as if they were in dire need of some good old-fashioned bangers and mash, and for a few seconds I even thought I was looking at pubescent young boys!

And this is ‘femininity’?

What’s the matter with all you diet obsessed women?

Men adore curves, we want to sail on  fleshy thighs and wanton breasts fit to crush the life out of us. Hail the true female form, the Rubenesque ideal of female beauty, I say!

Women should be women and to hell with skin and bone!!!


PS Mind you, I draw the line at no curves at all, make of this what you will.


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