Tax and quite right too!

Do you know something, I’ve never had any problem paying tax.

I use the roads, I use the National Health, the odd copper has been round to the house to stop my wife beating hell out of me and my bins are collected on a regular basis.

We get a lot of bang for our bucks if you ask me, so what the hell is everyone moaning about?!

The silver surfers have had the good years (go to any half decent restaurant on a lunchtime, and see who’s scoffing all the up-market grub), so somehow I can’t see that losing  a couple of hundred quid a year is really going to hurt that much, and anyway this is compensated for by the Winter fuel payment – my 90 year old father-in-law always gambles his away at the local Casino!


PS I’m going a bit ‘silvery’ myself now, but I’d like to bet that I’ve probably got more than most, so what the hell. Pay up! Pay up! And play the game!


3 thoughts on “Tax and quite right too!

    • Good to know someone agrees with me for once! I don’t think Paxman is as good as Ferguson though, but to be fair television does have to be a bit on the fast side. Thanks for replying.

  1. Now Now Julian,and what may i ask do the Mandlesons/Blairsof this world do?yes they pay,then get lots of freebies .Remamber Blair? staying with his “life long friend” Cliff Richards,no tax paid there.Or sleazy John Prescott staying on the ranch of yet another “life long friend” no tax there,did you notice not on comment from front bence labour Millionaires today on the tax reduction for them? crooks all of them,bloody crooks .

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