Writing Fiction…….

It was pointed out to me yesterday, that I rarely if ever use my blog posting as some sort of showcase for my writing and books – something that apparently these days, authors are supposed to do, particularly where this manic social media business of  self-promotion etc is concerned – take that for the quest for sycophantic lionising on a grand scale!

The truth is, that I simply enjoy telling a yarn and didling away at a blog or two, nothing more nothing less.

I do not seek constant re-assurance, I do not need oozing plaudits (I don’t get them anyway!), and I’m sure as hell not the least bit interested in being seen as anything other than a boozed up, fagged up, foul-mouthed,rude, sexist, chauvinistic, politically incorrect etc etc etc swine – and that’s on a good day, as my enduring wife will confirm – mind you, at least I have some personality!

All this ego-obsessed and idiotic ‘literary’ soul-searching pomp about ‘writing’ is complete and utter nonsense – I’m still trying to work out what on earth ‘poets’ do all day!

I have a good life, a good wife and good friends; I write for fun and that’s good enough for me. If people don’t read my books, that’s my problem, not theirs.

Each to their own.

My ego is already far too ‘damaged’ to worry about it!



2 thoughts on “Writing Fiction…….

  1. Morning Julian.

    With reference to, “I’m still trying to work out what the hell ‘poets’ do all day!”, i believe that on fridays it is Piss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday

    All the Best


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