Book Reviews and Critiques.

I’ve decided to become a book Reviewer and Critic.

From what I can see most ‘Reviewers ‘ and ‘Critics’ have written bugger all of any consequence themselves, so I consider myself inordinately qualified to undertake such an illustrious occupation.

I have just finished reading ‘No Such Thing As Society’ by Andy McSmith.

My only real criticism on the negative side is the title. I am not a raging Thatcherite but her actual words to Woman’s Own were, ‘There is no such thing as society.  There are individual men and women. There are families’……..etc etc. It would have been less misleading and indeed fairer, I suspect if the author had placed the full quote at the beginning of his book instead of at the end.

This faux pas aside, the book, albeit that it was tackling an explosive decade, was ‘a good read’ – that’s if you’re into boiling your head in 1980’s political history! It was easy-going, accurate and even up to a point (for history and politics geeks like me anyway) unputdownable as they say. There was none of the Hobsbawm high academia to confuse the issues and spoil the fun. The book was also extremely well-balanced, neither veering to much to the Left nor too much to the Right.

A fine readable reminder, for those who lived through the eighties and well worth a purchase. Oh, and I’m not even getting a tin of baked beans from the author either!



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