The Iron Lady.

I went to see ‘The Iron Lady’ last night.

Having read a great deal about our Margaret ( I have also read up on many Labour Party alumnae too, before anyone starts banging the socialist drum), I must commend the film to you.

Streep’s performance will not make Maggie turn in her grave when she eventually bully’s her way into it, indeed I will be astonished if Streep doesn’t receive an Oscar for her performance.

It was memorable if not verging on the profound. The film adhered to fact – I’m not sure though, about the Iron Lady actually being in the car park when her modern day Houdini mentor Airey Neave was assassinated by an IRA bomb – although  much was left out of those turbulent years of Thatcher rule, nevertheless for an accurate and human pastiche of Maggie herself, the film was impressive.

The poignant, and it must be said, sensitive portrayal of how the great and good succumb to aged incompetence is perhaps, a salutary lesson to us all.


PS As expected the Cinema was only a quarter full. I live in the heartlands of Plaid Cymru angst and apparently Streep was unable to master the Welsh language.


2 thoughts on “The Iron Lady.

  1. … I remember at the height of her career, my wife came home from work and said “no-one admits to voting for MT, yet we won”; yes we are both Tory voters.

    It was a shame he capitulated to Gwynfor Evans, her one weak decision.

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