A dreamy pair of swimming trunks? Or is it just me……..

Why is it that every time this country experiences a dose of major sporting activity, the gym shoe and stripey track suit brigade always  enthuse and jump for joy with a nauseating stubbornness about how our fat arsed, bone idle, text obsessed youth are all of a sudden going to start throwing spears, running like hell around a race track and jumping off diving boards, in the hope that they will eventually achieve sporting immortality in an Elysium where computer games rule.

It’s all total tosh (and the research has been done to prove it), but they keep trying to fool both themselves and us. Amazing. Coe & co ( yes I know, he’s gone up in the world, it’s all silk tie and double cuffs these days) ought to go back into politics, at least their delusions will have some credibility on the back benches!

The Olympics has to be the most profound confidence trick of all time, and it’s official, it will eventually show a net financial loss.

A ten billion loss – at the time of writing!



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