A gay inconvenience.

Whilst walking the Woofler yesterday I bumped into a gay friend of mine.

Now Saucy Cyril, as he is known, is an old queen of the old school. Even his dog Gay George is gay, I’m serious. He’s one of those poncy little balls of white fluff that never stop yapping and irritating the hell out of one’s feet.Personally, I’d have thrown the little swine into the estuary but there we are, cruelty to animals and all that.

Anyway, Saucy Cyril used to be a car designer for Ford or someone. Like his men (so he says), his designs were always sleek and slippery with a touch of panache, these days though, age was definitely taking its toll thus his walking stick and brand new hip.

‘Trouble is Julian,’ says he in that sincere way of his, ‘ Tristan is getting a little impatient with it all, you know the hip.’ Tristan, by the way, is his long time live-in lover,

‘Oh,’ I said, ‘Well you can’t help it, the hip I mean.’

‘No, I know. But that’s not the problem……… well on second thoughts maybe it is. You see I just can’t bend down anymore. Most inconvenient!’

Make of that what you will.



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