The End of the World is Nigh – and you had better believe it!

I can only conclude that the great and the good, our politicians and of course not forgetting those economic sages at the BBC (whom incidentally always get it wrong, come to think of it so do all the other ‘expert’ economists) are obviously obsessed with the works of Hemingway and Virginia Woolf – and look what happened to them!

Europe has been through worse and anyway it’s about time the BRIC’s had their chance, so let’s look forward to the future instead of being scared bloody stiff of it. Surely some laughter and a smile is better for business than suicidal gloom!

You really do have to laugh though, all these ‘expert’ economic Harry Potter’s who, as ‘chosen ones’, are presumably the only people able to untangle the finer points of Keynsian and Friedmanite failure and yet few, if any of them, foresaw the biggest financial meltdown ever to hit the global economy. The best bit is that some of them have even been awarded Nobel Prizes! If our Alfred was still alive, I bet he’d love to shove a few sticks of his newly invented dynamite right up their collective arses.



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