Action Man in court for sexist remarks!

The liberal elite are off again, but this time they really have excelled themselves. Apparently Action Man is a sexist bastard and an affront  to female emancipation. Why shouldn’t girls have one too – an Action Man that is! And what about Sindy and Barbie?! Why aren’t they lesbians?!

So much for Labour’s fifteen year obsession with minorities, God help us.

You have to admit though, that these people really do amuse if nothing else and how these news reader folk keep a straight face is utterly beyond me.


PS Come back Mr Clarkson all is forgiven.


3 thoughts on “Action Man in court for sexist remarks!

  1. Dear Joles,
    Thank you for your comment, however may I point out that I tend toward a pragmatic approach to political endeavour, I see virtues in both Thatcher and Blair. Idealogy is all very well on paper but as history has shown time and time again it doesn’t work in practise. Observe the consumate failures of unfettered free market capitalism, socialism and communism.

      • Robert Bruce? Who the hell is he? One of Salmond’s sidekicks no doubt! I have to admit though that Scottish independence has a great deal more going for it than the Welsh variety. Can you imagine it? Dai the Politic from the Welsh Assembly of Sons of Glendower negotiating with European Heads of State? Now there’s a Suduku of the mind if ever there was one!

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