Divorce Coaching.

Nevermind the recession, now I know we really have hit rock bottom.

Whilst browsing the newspaper (and let’s face it, they only deserve a ‘browse’) I came across this ‘authoritative’ and ‘instructive’ article by, of all things, a ‘divorce coach’. I’m not joking I assure you.

Now, the only ‘divorce coaching’ I ever needed was another woman and a good bottle of whisky. Simple. So, who on earth do these people,these Oracles of profound wisdom, these media acclaimed ‘experts’ think they are? Their self-serving arrogance and know-all pontificating idiocy is nothing less than astonishing, but the best bit is that people actually pay them good money for the privilege of hearing them spout!

Next thing, there are those no doubt, who will be demanding a wee bit of ‘coaching’ to help them go to the toilet……… oh and paying for the privilege. Manoeuvring one’s way around a toilet roll can be a trifle traumatic and confusing I suppose.

The foolery and comic operas of our modern and so-called ‘enlightened’ Western societies never cease to disappoint, as we become more and more indulged, and more and more permanently pathetic by the day.

It is no wonder that Western so-called Empires and hegemony are on their way out. We thoroughly deserve all we get.As for all these ‘Gurus’, a bit of Clarkson’s Follies would sort this lot out…….oops, be careful now Julian otherwise the ‘Oh, I’m so offended!’ brigade will be off bless ’em.

The point is I don’t need any clown, who no doubt hails from the University of UpperComeTit and Media Expertise in How To Bullshit The Swinish Multitude, to tell me how to live, love, cry or buy a house – as long as I’m not hurting anyone or breaking the law that’s up to me!


PS The University of UpperComeTit I’m told, does actually do a Masters Degrees in ‘divorce coaching’ and ‘Counselling’ too apparently God forbid,  another equally offensive presumption, just to add insult to injury!

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