Welshy Buses.

Damn me, it’s happened again!!!!

Remember my escapades with Welsh language train arrival and departure announcements? Well, to-day I thought I would do my bit for the environment and take a bus to see my cross-dressing dentist Dafydd ap Islwyn, you know he with the frilly pink knickers.

Anyway, the bus to my particular destination only runs once every hour and what happened? A bus arrives with a Welsh name on its front as a destination. Not mine thinks I, so I carry on reading the newspaper. 15 minutes go by and my bus still hasn’t shown up, 30 minutes, there’s something wrong here, so I ask an obliging fellow traveller what’s happened to the bus.

‘It’s been and gone boyo, just like my last missus!’ says he with the look of one who has been divorced too many times.

‘Gone!’ I nearly shrieked. ‘But….but, I  haven’t seen any bus with my destination on it!’

‘Ah, well now boyo, that’s what ‘appens when you can’t speak Welsh see. The buses don’t always translate like. Nevermind, better luck next time eh. Like women, better off without ’em anyway. Come to think of it mind, like most people I don’t speak the lingo  meeself either.  Never been able to make ‘ead nor tail of it.’

So, there you have it. The name of the town I had become so used to had now been changed to its Welsh language equivalent.

I think I’ll apply to the Welsh Assembly for a Grant to make sure I catch the right buses and trains in future! On second thoughts what with the cutbacks………….


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