Rioting Teachers.

You know I really do try and avoid  getting too political on my Blog, first and foremost I am a story-teller after all. Anyway, late last night as I was dropping off to sleep and wondering if Paradise really is filled with dusky maidens of even duskier intent, I suddenly remembered my ancient school days. You know (well some of you will anyway), the days when one always had to stand up every time a teacher walked into the classroom.

My sleepy brain then went on to consider what all these ‘teaching assistants’ are all about. I mean, since when does one need an ‘assistant’ to teach?Did Socrates need an assistant? I certainly don’t remember my teachers ever needing one.

All very odd you will agree, surely one either can or one can’t.It then occurred to me that maybe standing up and all this ‘assistance’ might just have something to do with all the recent rioting…..or is there a whiff of dastardly public sector job creation at work here as well?

Just a thought.


PS Makes one wonder why teachers are always worrying about their pensions so much, doesn’t it? They are hardly going to be burnt out at sixty are they, what with all the ‘assistance’ they receive?


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