I was reading an article by some die-hard feminist recently – must have been one of the journalists at the crusading Guardian, you know the sort, drop food parcels instead of bombs, she’s a ‘woman’ not a ‘lady’ (oh dear), anyway she was having a rant at all those male readers who enjoy a bit of the ‘Flashman Papers’ series of novels.

Hello I thought, what on earth is the lady’s – sorry woman’s-  problem, old Flashy took a right royal lacing across the backside from his father’s mistress at the beginning of the series –  a rather large and menacing hairbrush was employed if I remember correctly, so…..male domination? I think not, but there we are that’s female emancipation for you, outwardly women must rule but inwardly they despise the man who allows himself to be ruled.


PS To be fair, she could have a point where the food parcels are concerned, the trouble is, like British Airways baggage handling, they tend to end up in the wrong hands.


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