Sell By……..

Now here’s a thought for all you dominated, put upon, subjugated and vulture pecked husbands out there.

How about a ‘sell by’ date being tattooed on your wife’s bum or better still a ‘use by’ or a ‘best before’ date?

The divorce rate would flat-line for a start and think about all that mobile phone tyranny you would be spared every time you left the house without her. I mean let’s face it, men wear a damn sight better than women…….actually I take that back, have you seen all those orange-haired men walking about the place lately? Dear dear me, they look worse than a geriatric ‘celebrity’ trying to be famous again!


PS As you know I have yet to succumb to mobile insanity and what a remarkably peaceful life I lead. When I’m away, the missus gets one call to say I’m still alive (which probably disappoints but she can’t have everything can she?) and that’s it.That’s secure love for you – we don’t have to check up on each other every five minutes like so many other couples I know, mind you there was that rather odd phone call last night from a chap called Cess…….


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