Lyrical Lyrics (well not quite) and Mariella Frostrop!

Well now, the last five posts have been verging on the literary, not good, as no-one will understand what the hell I’ve written and quite right too.

That’s the thing about ‘the literary’, it’s never really read but still ends up on the bookshelves, if only to show visitors how ‘serious’ a reader one is, oh and clever.

I confess, I have one or two Rushdie’s myself so say no more.

Now, I can’t  actually see my scribblings ever receiving the sexy approval of Radio 4’s Mariella but who knows, one fine afternoon she may decide to hoi-polloi it and treat me to lunch at the same time.

The Savoy Grill would do nicely, it did go down hill a wee bit, but I gather a few bob has now been spent on the place, so it should be worth a visit, if only to see if it has redeemed itself. I wonder if that damned silly bear is still there?

You know I’ve just realised something here. I’m fantasising about the bookish Mariella Frostrop (some name you have admit)! Jesus, all this writing really is turning me inside out. All the young buxom celebrities out there and who do I fancy?

Mariella and her books!

Bloody hell!


PS Actually she ain’t bad looking for a MILF, so perhaps I’m not so potty after all. And that voice of hers…..well…….


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