What a silly name!

A little place peppered with little streets and little shops hiding behind dusty postcards and pink fishing nets, waiting for a childish tug and a few pennies more.

Grey seas rattle outside tea and coffee cups,  while Joe looks on and tries to decide what creamy concoction to come up with next. Knickerbockers are ‘so yesterday’, so old hat and don’t have mobile phones as a two for one.

Mumbles ice cream, Joe’s ice cream, must never die but what can we do next? Time has taken over, Mumbles has turned a new 4×4 leaf, a new crammed in wealth, sick to death of all the rest. It is the only place to be you know, Sweyn’s Eye can groan and grumble, but the nobs and nobness of silly Mumbles rule the waves.

So sit tight and enjoy the ride!


PS For those unfamiliar with Swansea, Mumbles appears on the cover of ‘An Equal Judge’.


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