Middle Age.

Have you noticed how hitting fifty brings certain obligations? Obligations that hitherto could only be imagined in some sci-fi novel.

I refer of course to the mandatory Aspirin and Statin. Both are apparently in league with one another, and both are dependant on a symbiotic synthesis of mutual co-operation.

Otherwise we die.

At least this is the current medical wisdom so who am I, a humble scribbler, to argue.

My point is this – do we really want to live forever, dribbling away in some nursing home while filling our pants with carefree abandon, or do we want to help the next generation by saying ‘Bugger life, I’m off! Just make sure there’s plenty of fags and whisky in the coffin to help me on my way to nowhere’ – actually better make that Flora and boiled fish, better for you I’m told.

You decide.



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