The Jogging Feminist.

Sometimes brain cells have a nasty habit of crashing into each other ie ideas and thoughts jump on top of one another or in between one another or even alongside one another. You get my drift, at least I hope you do.

The point is I was out walking Norman earlier on – that’s our dog by the way not my father, although I appreciate the fact that these days one would have to be an old ‘un with a name like ‘Norman’.

Be that as it may, now where was I? Ah yes, jumping thoughts.Well, whilst walking along a country road not far from my house, this gangly female jogger overtook me (joggers always have a habit of doing this, smug buggers).

She was wearing a red tee-shirt, I couldn’t miss it because printed on the back in bold black letters was ‘Fxxx Men!’. Now,  I have never quite understood the sense of all this ‘jogging’ business, simply because if one is healthy one doesn’t need to do it, and if one is unhealthy one shouldn’t be doing it anyway. This aside, as I watched the jogger’s sweaty back disappear around a bend, I thought, oh dear, another man-hater, what on earth is the matter with her –  we men gave her the vote didn’t we? And where would the suffragette movement have been without us in the first place?!

See what I mean about jumping thoughts?



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