A Dutch Burger.

I forgot to tell you about a young reader I met at an Ipswich book signing a few weeks ago, and I promise you this is true – me meeting a ‘young’ reader that is, because let’s face it, they are a rare breed these days.

Having put the aspiring young author off writing for life, a  Netherlands burgher back in the seventeenth century popped into the conversation – I’m not quite sure how this  particular subject came about, something to do with social mobility if I remember correctly.

Well, the young ‘un stood still, all starry-eyed and respectful for a few minutes, before eventually saying, ‘Really? I never knew that. I’ll have to try one the next time I’m in McDonald’s. A Netherlands burgher you say………..’


PS She had just obtained a first class honours degree in Medieval European History too! Mind you, at least her degree wasn’t in Creative Writing, because that really would have blown her chances of ever becoming a successful novelist!


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