For Better For Worse.

Loving married couples generally express the view, that life would  be utterly pointless without one another. Indeed,the planet would be blown off its axis, if  one or the other were unavailable for that loving good morning kiss, oh and let’s not forget the ‘I can’t live without you’ element to matrimonial bliss (better include civil partnerships here, otherwise I’ll be accused of discrimination and homophobia!).

Well, I just commented to my darling wife that, ‘Should anything untoward happen to you dearest, then believe me I would never be able to live with another’. To which she replied, ‘ Same for me darling, so don’t worry. Living with you has put me off shacking up with anyone else for life!’

For better for worse eh!



One thought on “For Better For Worse.

  1. Well Mr Ruck, I find it hard to belive that any long term relationship works. As I have been in a relationship for 16yrs I do feel I’ve earned the right to comment. Some might say that 16yrs is not long enough to be giving my views but if it was 16yrs spent in prison I’d be within my right to complain about the food. So here I go. Why is it these days couples are so keen to get married anyway, I mean most can’t afford the cost of the beloved church organ player let alone the divorce. Thats why marriages don’t last these days…their arguing over the repayments of that wedding dress. Why do you feel the need to invite half the town to your wonderful day, which includes Uncle Dave who can’t handle his beer , and pinches the backsides of anything in a skirt. Then there’s Aunt Pam who you can’t stand the sight of, but alls forgivin after 2 bottles of wine and a sausage roll. After standing there in your Penguin suit for a 16hr shift, smilling and greeting , all you have left to look forward to is the occasional bit of nookie and a lifetime of peace keeping. But it’s not all doom and gloom some men I know even managed to keep a full head of hair before , during, and after marriage. Lol, they must have a bit on the side, I must contact RYAN GIGGS and get the secret to a good head of hair.

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