Peeping at Pepys.

I was about to write ‘…..And so to bed’  but thought better of it.

Plagiarism has never quite been my style, and following in the footsteps of our Samuel is far too intimidating a thought (have you read his diaries? How the hell he ever got to bed at all is a mystery to me, and I thought I could write a word or two!).

Anyway, I’ve just turned off the Idiot’s Lantern having viewed yet another analysis of Greenspan’s Folly and Klein’s shocking  bedtime stories, so who needs the Brothers Grimm thinks I – dear me I seem to be going down the ‘literary’ route here, never mind I know what I’m going on about even if you don’t.

We really are in a mess aren’t we? The age-old wars continue, should we socialise this, should we capitalise that, should we just continue to allow the future to shock and frighten us? I’ll be dead and gone but my coffin will be eco-friendly, so at least I will have contributed something. Not much but something.

………And so to bed.



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