Putting You All In The Picture.

I wanted to share with you all a rather charming photo (depending on your point of view) of me, taken by the Bury Free Press for a story on my recent visit as part of my UK book signing tour.

Bury St Edmunds was my stomping ground for twelve years and it was a delight to go back and see how things had changed.

Thanks to the Internet (or maybe not!), you can click on the picture to read the article.

I don’t look too wrinkly either! Yes I know, someone in the newspaper’s office probably had a go with an airbrush, but believe me I had nothing to do with it. Have a look at my website and you will get the real me I promise. The ageing process  is inevitable both inside and out so why bother trying to fool oneself. Besides, all this cosmetic stuff is so  undignified and looks so utterly hopeless – as if a coffin could care less!

Bury Free Press photo of Julian Ruck

You can read the news story here, btw.


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