Brighton – Again!

An excellent day!

Al Murray was at WHS the week before, standing up to sell his book, I sold more than he did sitting down, so who’s the comedian now then?!

There was plenty of friendly banter and humour amongst the lanes of antique cufflinks, leggings up to chins and beyond, gurgling coffee houses and the odd Oyster Bar, adding that final touch of seaside levity. Not a fat lady in sight nor even a post card from a broken down Morris Minor. A lovely lovely day with loads to write home about!


PS A thought. Why does the female of the species insist on tying knots in everything? Knots that men find impossible to undo no matter how many years they spent in the Boy Scouts (not that I was ever a Boy Scout, they wouldn’t have me).My wife is knot obsessed, every sandwich, every lump of cheese, even the dog food is ‘knotted’, and to cap it all when I came home the neighbour (a woman no less) had been in tying the bloody bread up in knots!!!

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