Celebrity v Politician

Fortunately, I am neither of the above. Can you imagine it? The former would demand having a face that looked like a  stretched condom, and the latter a face that appears to be in a constant state of pain.

Now then, there seems to be a rumbling or two in the chattering classes about these ‘celebrity’ types usurping the role of our venerable politicians eg delivering messages of social doom, homeless soldiers, sexually transmitted Armageddon………and so on.

Of course we rarely hear any celebrity commenting on the complexities of economic free fall or indeed the moral maze of political philosophy. I wonder why? To conclude then, what is there to worry about? The prospect of Katie Price or indeed Cheryl Cole becoming Prime Minister is, I think, a remote one.

As it so happens, I am not a politician hater, nor come to think of it do I want to string up every banker from the nearest lamp-post. It is always so easy to sit in front of the Idiot’s Lantern and condemn, but would you want the job? Of a politician that is.

I am not naive by nature I assure you, but I simply do not believe that our political classes ever intend to do us harm or that they are all inherently corrupt. Frankly, when compared to other countries – and even those who are democratically mature – their so-called ‘corruption’ verges  on the juvenile. Apart from anything else, who out there is able to please all the people all of the time?

Armchairs are indeed comfortable but they don’t really do much do they?

Bankers? Perhaps we all need to look at ourselves before we jump up and down with moral outrage. I am not aware that there were many of us who refused to take the easy credit when it was offered to us, or that we asked too many awkward questions. We were all just as greedy, just as profligate and just as reckless with risk, so let’s have some honesty in the persecution for once and watch where we lob our stones.



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